Leviticus 19:17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him. Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

"Arnold Murray may be dead, but his works live on." - Paul Stringini

From the Original Document:

"I started studying with The Shepherd's Chapel broadcast and Dr. Arnold Murray in the summer of 1993 and by 1996 I owned and had studied every single-subject cassette available at the time.  I also made videos from broadcasts or bought cassettes for every book of the Bible available, at the time.  I bought and still own all the books which were available, at the time, and I have read nearly all of them (except a few of the archaeology books like "In Plain Sight" which I own, but have never read).  I considered photographing my collection and posting a picture of it on this page; but I thought that would be a little ridiculous.  I'll let my understanding of Dr. Murray's teachings "serve as my credentials." ...more

In 2007 (correction) I wrote a short document titled The Shepherd's Chapel and Dr. Arnold Murray which tells the basic story of my experience with the Shepherd's Chapel.  That document only briefly and lightly covers what were, in my opinion, the most outstanding and egregious false teachings of Pastor Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel, that I could think of off the top of my head.  

That was just a start, and it was written almost a decade after I had stopped listening to Arnold Murray. But, since then, this page has grown immensely.  Below I have posted additional material on other subjects and supplementary to that original statement, as well as hundreds of email exchanges, most of which are debates with Shepherd's Chapel students.

Single Subject Audio Studies (regarding Shepherd's Chapel doctrine)

032.) Arnold Murray and the Pre-incarnation Myth -  Arnold Murray taught and Dennis Murray continues to teach an unusual pre-incarnation mythology of mankind.  This mythology states that the souls of men are the children (sons) of God (or angels).  The mythology also states that theses sons lived with God on earth for millions of years, until the time of Satan's rebellion.  At that time one third of God's sons followed the Devil.  These events led to the world we now know.   In this study I examine Arnold Murray's teaching based on his cassette #460 Preexistence. In my three and a half hour study, I extensively examine this teaching and all the scriptures Pastor Murray marshals in support of his remarkable mythology.   I also uncover Arnold Murray's justification for creating such a mythology which is supported exclusively by his own claim to have special knowledge of these events. 

004.) The Seed of the Serpent - What makes one a child of the Devil?

In His Own Words:
Re-Examining the Teachings of Arnold Murray
(audio clips included)

Current Events Broadcast January 21, 2014 - Arnold Murray is Losing Touch With Reality

Does "Expattio!" Really Mean Sexually Seduced?  Or Is Arnold Murray Deceiving Us?

Clarifications, Corrections, and Retractions:


Do You think Pastor Arnold Murray is Intentionally Misleading People?

This has come up a few times (not just in email) People have the impression that I think Dr. Murray is knowingly misleading people about the things he believes are true.  One Shepherd's Chapel student, in a phone conversation, told me, "That is what it seems like." 

No. I do not believe that Pastor Arnold Murray intentionally misleads people when it comes to what he intends to teach them.  Arnold Murray believes the doctrines that he teaches are the truth.  I do not doubt that one iota. On the other hand, when it comes to being subtle about "Who the Kenites are."  I do believe that he intends to conceal what his actual beliefs are on the subject.  In that sense he does intentionally mislead people.  All the Proof you need is on this page in Murray's own words.

The Shepherd's Chapel is a cult of personality, so any attack on Pastor Murray's doctrine is seen as an attack on him personally.

Since Dr. Murray is personally responsible for his teaching, it is not surprising that my assessment of his teaching as being "false" is offensive to his students.  I don't "judge him," as people are constantly saying, repentance is still an option. I'm not condemning the man.  But his teachings are condemned already and  Pastor Arnold Murray is called to repentance for what he is doing.  It is not the sort of thing one may be excused for doing ignorantly.  Ignorant or not we are all held accountable for what we do.  An offense in ignorance may seem a lesser offence, but it is an offence nonetheless.

Related Question: 

If someone teaches the Bible falsely, but ignorantly, will they be held responsible by God?

The answer is yes,

Ezekiel 14:9 And if the prophet be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the LORD have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand upon him, and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel.

If God causes a man to be blind to the truth and that man teaches the scriptures and speaks in the name of the Lord.  God will hold him accountable.

1 Cor 2:7 But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: 8 Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

If false prophets like Dr. Murray really knew what they were doing, then they would not do it.  That is why God hides the truth from them. But they will still be held responsible for what they have done.  They were not unwilling.


Have you ever Misrepresented Arnold Murray's Teachings?

Not intentionally. But YES.  It has been a while since I studied with Pastor Murray, so it did not surprise me that someone eventually pointed out something from his teachings that I did not accurately describe.

Email # 94.)  "You Are the Fraud!"  One of My Inaccuracies is Pointed Out by a Sharp Shepherd's Chapel Student

That email conversation contains the details of how I have made at least one inaccurate statement about Arnold Murray's doctrine. (But this was not intentional) There have not been any other credible claims that my portrayal of his doctrine is inaccurate, but I am always listening.

It does not surprise me that the issue was the "unpardonable sin," because even when I studied with him I had trouble accepting his explanation of what I was reading.  I never fully bought into his version of the "unpardonable sin," so no wonder I got it wrong.  Sorry about that!

Another correction was made to Email #155.

155). I listen to pastor and love his teachings but I heard him say that someone on drugs couldn't go to heaven. (I made a mistake here)

The Original Document

My original document which  my titled The Shepherd's Chapel and Dr. Arnold Murray can still be read unaltered from its original form by following the preceding hyperlink. 

Previous Updates:

 January 8, 2016 - Major Update: I have added 63 new Email conversations (#221-#283) to this page.  The earliest dating back to March 2014, this brings me up to date on Shepherd's Chapel Mail.  I have two more updates planned for this month. 

February 9 , 2015 - I am in the process of compiling the last year's email exchanges, which are numerous.  In the meantime, I have recorded a lengthy study on The Seed of the Serpent - When people ask me what can be done to combat Arnold Murray's teachings.  I  tell them that they need to strike at the heart of his teaching which is the Serpent Seed doctrine.  You need to arm yourself with the truth concerning the Serpent Seed. There is a seed of the serpent, and the devil certainly does have children,  the truth concerning this is your best weapon against the Chapel's deception.

March 14, 2014 - I have added 35 Email conversations to this page.  This means that I have completely caught up on Shepherd's Chapel Email.  I try to answer all messages, if you have sent me a message and I did not respond please send it again.  Sometimes things fall through the cracks.


February 3, 2014  Just noticed that the link to Special Article #3: Does Dr. Murray really teach that ALL the Jews Are Satan's Biological Offspring (the Kenites)?  was broken, fixed

January 22, 2014 - Five more emails went up today (181-185) and I have also added a new section to the left side of this page, "In His Own Words: Re-Examining the Teachings of Arnold Murray," with two special articles. One is very recent: Current Events Broadcast January 21, 2014 - Arnold Murray is Losing Touch With Reality  The other is a page on a single aspect of Murray's teaching Does "Expattio!" Really Mean Sexually Seduced?  Or Is Arnold Murray Deceiving Us?  I am still capturing my Shepherd's Chapel cassettes digitally, and trying to figure out how I will use them. 

January 10, 2014 - Ten more emails had to go up today because I had to fix a few broken links and correct an error.  I have also added a new special article "Special Article #4: The Question Every Shepherd's Chapel student should be asking."  In order to serve this community better, I have begun delving into my vast collection of Shepherd's Chapel material and listening to Arnold Murray again.  It has been at least 15 years since I listened to Arnold Murray teach on this scale.  And, I have to say, my memory did not retain the half of the many untrue things he says.  As I listen to his cassettes, I am capturing him on my PC and I intend to use portions these teachings to demonstrate further the way that Arnold Murray corrupts the scriptures.  There will be a page called something like "In his own words," with audio clips and transcriptions.  And before the Chapel police gets all up in arms about "copyright" and all that, just look up "fair use," on Wikipedia, if there was ever a case of "fair use," this is it.  Not only that, the cassettes I own were sold to me between 1993-1995, a period during which the Chapel broadcasts were still in the public domain. 

January 2, 2014 - Today I'm adding the transcription and commentary to for Special Article #3.  This one has been a long time coming.  And I think it will have an impact on new students of the Chapel to see how intentionally deceptive Arnold Murray is.  I have been working very hard to catch up on posting emails, I'm still way behind but I'm adding #'s 150-169, that's 20 more.  Usually after a big update I stop for a while and move on to to other projects such as my musical efforts, but I intend to completely catch up early this year.

March 14, 2014 - I have added 35 Email conversations to this page.  This means that I have completely caught up on Shepherd's Chapel Email.  I try to answer all messages, if you have sent me a message and I did not respond please send it again.  Sometimes things fall through the cracks.

Note: This Page may be Accessed from the main page under "Doctrine."

Latest Chapel News Update:  August 22, 2017 - I have created a new tool for helping Shepherd's Chapel students understand how un-Christian Arnold Murray's pre-incarnation mythology is. Single subject study #032 Arnold Murray and the Pre-incarnation Myth -  Arnold Murray taught and Dennis Murray continues to teach an unusual pre-incarnation mythology of mankind.  This mythology states that the souls of men are the children (sons) of God (or angels).  The mythology also states that theses sons lived with God on earth for millions of years, until the time of Satan's rebellion.  At that time one third of God's sons followed the Devil.  These events led to the world we now know.   In this study I examine Arnold Murray's teaching based on his cassette #460 Preexistence. In my three and a half hour study, I extensively examine this teaching and all the scriptures Pastor Murray marshals in support of his remarkable mythology.   I also uncover Arnold Murray's justification for creating such a mythology which is supported exclusively by his own claim to have special knowledge of these events. 

Jump to old Chapel news items.

Special Article #4  "The Question Every Shepherd's Chapel student should be asking."  There is a question which I believe every Shepherd's Chapel student should be asking Dennis Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel.

Special Article #3: Does Dr. Murray really teach that ALL the Jews Are Satan's Biological Offspring (the Kenites)?  Hear it from Pastor Murray's own Lips. With Full Transcription and Commentary.

Special Article #2 (UPDATED 3/2013): Was Paul Stringini Ever Really A Student of Shepherd's Chapel? Photographic an video evidence proving my former dedication to the chapel.

Special Article #1: Dr Murray and the 1981 Prediction Controversy The same recklessness that led Arnold Murray to predict the coming of AntiChrist in 1981 is still guiding him today.  

Topical Indexes of Links To My Email Archives:  

1.) The Shepherd's Chapel Attacks!  This is a list of all (or most of) the letters I have received from Shepherd's Chapel Students Who Have Taken the Challenge and Written Me to Defend Their Faith. You be the Judge:  "How should one chase a thousand?"

2.)  Turned Away From Shepherd's Chapel - This list includes all (or most of) the letters I have received from people who have turned from the doctrine of Arnold Murray.

3.) Kenites, Serpent's Seed, and Racial Questions:  One of the most important topics for Chapel students and for those who have to deal with them.  The serpent seed doctrine is the cornerstone of Arnold Murray's corrupt teachings.

Conversations Regarding The Shepherd's Chapel
Isaiah 41:21 "Produce your cause, saith the LORD; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob."

In Reverse ~Chronological~ Order (i.e. Newest to Oldest):

(All names and Email addresses kept confidential)

283). "I have heard Pastor Murray say many times that we are in the fifth trump."

282). "You, and all like you, will be taught in the millennium"

281). "I have to be leery of anyone claiming to be a Christian and spending this much effort, time and  money to discredit someone."

280). A Chapel Student's Sarcastic Questions Backfire

279).  Do you think Pastor Murray in heaven now or not?

278). I'm sorry you have such a poor taste in your mouth.

277). Cain the First Child - Completely Refuting Cain as the Seed of the Serpent Earns Me Verbal Abuse, Threats, and Intimidation from the leader of a Shepherd's Chapel Splinter Group

276). Nephilim, UFO's, and Demons

275). Off Topic - What about Husky394xp?

274). Arnold Murray's Deceptive and Manipulative Fund-Raising Tactics

273). "Shouldn't the spelling of God always be capitalized?"

272). Ex-spouse Consumed with Teaching of Dr. Murray

271). "I enjoyed his teaching at first but then a feeling that things were not right bothered me."

270). Arnold Murray and the Resurrection of Christ

269). Eleven and Four Questions - Can I Be Saved?

268). Shepherd's Chapel, Arnold Murray, and the students....Behavior

267). Long-Term (28 years) Chapel Student Does not Like Me Criticizing a Christian Pastor.

266). Chapel Student for 12 years says, "I have felt for many years something wasn't right."

265). "Why is it that people like you try to dispute truth from God's word?"

264). "How can you honestly attack pastor Murray for asking for an offering?"

263). "How can you convince me that he is a cult leader with false doctrine?"

262). "You need to get your facts correct before you try and rewrite Greek and Hebrew."

261). "My Brother and Father watch this Show... this guy is miss leading people."

260). "Where do you stand on these things and is the doctrine you adhere to similar to the Shepherds Chapel?"

259). "Everyone is on Their Own Wave, If They Don't Hurt Anyone, Just Let Them Ride."

258). Where did Jesus say that the children of the Devil  in John 8 were also the seed of Abraham?

257). "The Most Stupid Statement By So Many Ignorants is that Shepherd's Chapel does not believe and teach the Holy Trinity."

256). I Shouldn't Be Bashing Arnold Murray - Money and Men of God

255). "You studied with the Chapel since '93 and you're still stupid, unbelievable." (Serpent Seed)

254). "You're just simply jealous of Shepherd's Chapel plain 'n simple"

253). "Pastor Arnold Murray's Teaching on Hell."

252). "I would like some friendly debate on this issue of Kenites and the races."

251). Is Arnold Murray merely, "reading the bible," and therefore immune to criticism?

250). "He says that speaking in tongues is of the Devil."

249). "How do you explain the reason for us being in the flesh?"

248). "I Have Been Studying with Shepherd's Chapel about 3 Years"

247). "All I Know Is The Old Man Is Outing the Word"

246). "A Chapel Student With Many Misconceptions"

245). "The Teaching's of Arnold Murray Are Correct and All of the Other Teachings Are False Doctrines"

244). "I Have Never Heard Him Say Any of the Things That You Claim."

243). "I trusted what Pastor Arnold Murray from Shepherdís Chapel was saying.  Can you please share with me why you donít like that church any more?"

242). "Thank You for the Document You Published About the Shepherd's Chapel."

241). "I Am Disturbed After Reading What You Wrote About a Pastor."

240). "Do Your Own Research Before Publicly Bashing Someone Who Has Done So Much"

239). Some Pastor Murray Questions and Complaints

238). "You My Friend Have Some Nerve to Insult the Dead"

237). "I Thank You for Your Website."

236). Another Shepherd's Chapel "Graduate"

235). "Thanks for Leading Me to Arnold Murray"

234). "I Have Been a Student of the Shepherd's Chapel Since 1992"

233). "What Kind of Church Would You Suggest?"

232). "Who Controls the IMF and Central Banks?"

231). "You Are Making a Fool Out of Yourself."

230). Another Polite Exchange With Emailer #216

229).  "I Used to Be a Shepherd's Chapel Follower"

228). "Great Job Writing the Truth!"

227). The Seed of the Serpent and Adam's Genealogy

226). "I Totally Disagree with You in Your Beliefs about Shepherd's Chapel!"

225). How Does One Persuade A Shepherd's Chapel Student?

224). Arnoldís Murray Interpretation of Baptism: Trinitarian or Not?

223). Is Cain in Adam's Genealogy?

222). Email Sequence #222 - Sections A-P - Emailer #214 Returns and Drops the Facade of Civility in Favor of Railing Accusations and Childish Antics

221). Banned: Theseason.org Doesn't Put Up With Dissent or Dissenters

220). Mt St. Helens and Murray's Prediction That Russia Will Attack America Through Alaska

219). "Do You Ever Remember Murray Teaching the Local Flood Theory?"

218). "Do You Believe that Murray Died In a Lost State?"

217). Did You Know Pastor Arnold Murray Was the Greatest Preacher Alive?

216). "I Am a Student of Shepherd's Chapel, However That Does Not Mean I Walk Lock-Step with All the Pastor's Teachings."

215). "I started studying with the Chapel in 1994 when I was 19."

214). Are All Jews Kenites according to Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel?

213). "I Have Read Your Commentary and Disagree with You. You Have No Right to Judge Anyone."

212). "Thank You for All the Information."

211). "I Recently Started Watching Shepherd's Chapel"

210). "I have been very concerned for my mother in law for a couple years."

209). Arnold Murray and the Denial of the Bodily Resurrection

208). "Keep Up the Good Work of the Lord."

207). Thanks for Speaking the Truth

206). "Your Points Against This Doctrine of the Devil Impregnating Eve is Very Right On."

205). "I Found Your Site After My Dad Went Full Blast Into "the Chapel."

204). "I saw Murray say that there is not going to be a rapture before the rise of the Antichrist."

203). "I Have a Friend Who Studies Under Murray and is "Working" on Me."

202). "Why Don't You Teach the Bible Yourself Instead of Bashing Others?"

201). "I Have Sought the Truth in Many Many Many Churches with Many Many Many Pastors and Teachers Over the Years."

200). Out of Order - 17 Year Chapel Student Does His Best To Discredit Me Exclusively Through False Insinuation, Personal Insult, and Slander

199). "Your Arguments Against Pastor Murray Do Not Hold Water."

198). "I Would Like To Say Thank You For Your Write Up." 

197). A Shepherd's Chapel Student Threatens to Sue Me

196).  Another Baseless Claim: "You Are Not Telling the Truth Concerning Dr. Murray and What He Teaches."

195). Arnold Murray Makes Total Sense, You Do Not, Sadly You Let Satan Steer You Away.

194). "Let Me Clear Up the Doctrine About Cain and Adam and Eve First."

193). "There is a Special Place Waiting for You In Hell"

192). Senior Regrets Donating to Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel

191). Anyone Who Talks Against His Own, Is Not with God....and God Knows Who You Are.

190). Chapel Defender Falsely Accuses Me of Manufacturing Fake Clips of Arnold Murray

189). "Maybe You Should Be Studying God's Word Instead of Judging Arnold - He Knows What He is Talking About"

188). "We are All God's Children Whether We Read It Right or Wrong."

187). "You Have Let the Spirit of Satan Cause You To Go Astray. You have treaded on dangerous ground."

186). "If a man is teaching false doctrine, don't you think God will handle that?"

185). Why is god not GOD in your e-mail address?

184). "I am recently married to a man who has studied with Murray for years..."

183).  "So, put all your energy into targeting one of His dedicated servants, and see where that gets you."

182). "I too am a graduate of SC and I thank my Father daily for Arnold's ministry."

181). "Some of the things Murray says to go ahead and look up, both I and my friend have found aren't biblical."

180). "A discernment I get from you: You came to the Chapel to get a name" 

179). I too was a student of Shepherd's Chapel. I studied with them for about 12 years.

178). I have been studying with Shepherd's Chapel for the past 16 months

177). "I cannot understand why he continues to go on this tirade about flying to save your soul."

176). Did the races all come from Adam and Eve?

175). My Father Has Been Brainwashed by Murray

174). "The bible is a VERY tricky thing to understand because God is smarter than you!"

173). Pastor Arnold Murray does not speak anything that is not in the Word of God

172). "I do get confused when he talks about things I can not find in text"

171). "There is not a human being created by God that has the right to judge or criticize"

170). "99% of your criticisms are inaccurate of Pastor Murray's teachings!"

169). You have totally misrepresented Pastor Murray. Why don't you ever bring up the FACTS of the original manuscripts.

168). Your website is horrible. Father have mercy on you.

167). Is it okay to consume seafood in this day and age?

166).  I liked studying with Murray. However, now I've read from you that he is a false teacher and I am at a breaking point of confusion.

165). "Please don't respond negatively....Thank you"

164). Have you tried to contact him and sit one-to-one and work through your concerns?

163). I have a few questions for you are you able to help me with them? (Current events and Prophecy Related)

162). "I am a Shepherd's Chapel Viewer"

161). "Nut in Every Crowd. This Means You Not Pastor Murray"

160). Pastor Murray and Moses! Why Does Arnold Keep Suggesting that Moses is One of the Two Witnesses?

159). 6th Trump: "According to Pastor Murray, "the angels are loosed." Do you believe that we are in fact in the end times?"

158). "The Best Thing You Can Do, Son... Is Take Down Your Website And Start Your Own Ministry." Dealing With Hypocrisy 101.

157). "If You Are So Driven By Seeking the Truth Why Don't You Just Do That And Leave Arnold Murray Out?"

156). Kenites: "I want to clarify one thing. Reading your website full of counter statements, I think I understand your problem."

155). I listen to pastor and love his teachings but I heard him say that someone on drugs couldn't go to heaven. (I made a mistake here)

154). You Are A Disgusting Cesspool of Vomit.

153). A Shepherd's Chapel Student Makes a Plea for his Pastor and I Reply

152). One of Arnold Murray's Greatest Deceptions - Unlike most other (TV) preachers he doesn't beg for money.

151). I stumbled on your website, and have been reading some of your post from S.C. followers

150). In regard to the date of birth of Christ.

149). "It is very sad to read your writings about this man,  I do believe that you were not able to understand the deeper level of teachings."

148). A Close Encounter of the Chapel Kind

147). "I knew Pastor Murray was a false teacher from day one But I was attracted to the way he used the Strong's with the King James."

146).  "My question to you.....  why would God say "The Lord is not slack concerning His purpose, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance." 2 Peter 3:9?"

145). What I would like to ask you is what church you are going to now? Also, Easter and Christmas

144). Why He does not call himself "Doctor" Murray, How Arnold Murray Asks for Money Every Day, and How Murray is Critical of other Ministries.

143). My husband's aunt is a follower of Arnold Murray. We have both tried to talk to her...

142). Everyone, including you and Shepherd's Chapel think YOU have the real truth!

141). I've never known how to reply to this message from a Lifelong Chapel Student, so I never did.

140). Cain's Veiled Descendants - Down the Rabbit-hole - This message was in regard to Cain's descendants, but it comes from a deceptive individual who is not truly a student of the Shepherd's Chapel but is putting forth other ideas.

139)."I have checked out Shepherd's Chapel before coming on your site and again within minutes the flags went up after reading their statement of faith and answer to critics."

138). Questions Regarding the Creation of Man on the Mythical "8th" Day

137).  "I have Never Heard The Chapel Call the Jews Kenites."  Arnold Murray's Deceptive Concealment of Certain  Aspects of His Teachings

136). "Who do you think fathered Cain? a Fig Tree?"

135). "Murray said the rich man had ill gotten gains.  The Bible doesn't say his gains were ill gotten, it just says he was rich."

134). Misdirected Mail: Answering Some Questions that Arnold Murray Routinely Obfuscates

133). "I have fallen upon your site and I was saddened by the hate."

132). Questions and Observations regarding the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, Preexistence, Baptism, and Healing

131). "I was researching Shepherd's Chapel and came across your site." Parables, Election, Resurrection

130). "You said there will be no Rapture, and there is no Eternal Torment. The Bible teaches both Clearly."

129). Re: The Tape documenting Arnold Murray's false prophecy in 1981

128). Locusts =  Arabs? "I won't say he's got an agenda, I'm just putting the facts out there.  It's an intentional perversion of the word of God, a forced interpretation that makes very, very little sense."

127). Who is this Paul Stringini Guy? What About Revelations 2:9 and 3:9?

126). "I'm so confused now."  Why would Pastor Murray say there is no rapture? Do you think there is a Rapture? "...Thank you so much for your info. You make more sense to me than what Pastor Murray is saying."

125). "Why do so many now go to church on Sunday to worship Christ,  when Saturday is the Sabbath?"

124). "Why don't you bring your concerns and issues to Pastor Murray and let him answer for himself?"

123). "I don't want to mislead people in what I know.  I ask God to show me the way."

122). "I am a follower of the Shepherd's Chapel and have learned from their teachings...What is the unforgivable sin?"

121). "You sir, probably need to watch how u judge people and mind your own business."

120). A Short message to tell me I am a "Modern day Judas Iscariot."

119). "You seriously need to study the bible more!!  How can you NOT believe in the Kenites?!!" - I give a very comprehensive answer.

118). "I wanted to do a little research of Arnold Murray and came upon your site, now I am having second thoughts."

117). "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU? - A FRUSTRATED MUSICIAN? NOT MUCH CRED IN MY OPINION." Subjects Covered: Apples, Eden, The Devil's Children, Murray Being a Doctor, and Murray's Hypocrisy

116). "I have completely abandoned SC for good. It has been a long hard road." Questions about the Trinity, Christian Conduct, Death, the KJV, and more.

115). Questions and Comments from a Newer Shepherd's Chapel Student

114). A Polite Inquiry Regarding My Version of the Song of Moses and the Interview I Gave to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

113). "I Have to Give Pastor Murray a Big Thumbs Up."

112). "I like to Study God's Word and Mr. Murray's Show on TV Did Inspire Me to Do That More"

111.) "I hope you enjoy your importance now, because you won't be enjoying it long... I wouldn't be standing in a lightning storm if I was you! May you live and learn..........or not." 17 year Shepherd's Chapel student kindly wishes me dead.

110.) BECAUSE they said "He hath and Evil Spirit."

109.) "There is something very unnatural about your hatred for Mr. Murray. I question your belief in Jesus."

108.) Murray was used to bring me alive. I don't see how Murray can be so wrong if God is using him this way.

107.) If Cain was Adam's son, Would he be in Noah's Genealogy?

106.) "Bet this message won't make your webpage." You lose. A very clear example of the Chapel student's reliance on Murray's personal philosophy and wisdom as opposed to relying on the teachings of the Bible.

105.) Your synopsis of the "Serpent Seed Doctrine" is lacking to say the least. (possibly a response from #46.5 Debunker #1 ? )

104.)  Is There No Way to Change Your Predicament? Predestination Problems Addressed

103.) "Predestination... That's a bad word, For That's Not What It Is...U Believe God Knowing Past Present and Future Everything..."

102.) "There is SO Much in Gods Word , and no one has it all down right, I donít understand  how someone could criticize anyone for trying"

101.) The Practice of Judging the Teachings of Arnold Murray - Right or Wrong? Changing Minds with Sound Doctrine

100.) "I have been Listening to Him and Some of the Things He is Saying Do Not Make Sense."

99.) "You Kenites Have No Clue What We Elite Have and Know, As You Speak Not a Word of What is Real. We, GOD'S Elite, Understand the Correct Truth on Subjucts" - The Charm, Wisdom, and Humility of a long-time Chapel follower.

98.) "I read what you said about Eve and Cain being Adam's son, That is not the truth!"

97.) "I believe you are biting the hand that fed you? What really bothers me about you, is that you are trying to play God?"

95.)  "You are a Pathetic Coward Not to Mention a Liar. You are a Dumbass to Boot."

94.)  "You Are the Fraud!"  One of My Inaccuracies is Pointed Out by a Sharp Shepherd's Chapel Student

93.)  "If What Pastor Murray is Doing is Wrong, He Will Be Judged by YAHVEH for it. You, on the other hand..."

92.) "You sir, probably need to watch how u judge people and mind your own business."

91.)  Who Does Pastor Arnold Murray Teach Is the Father of The Kenites?

90.)  Shepherd's Chapel Page Scaring My Mom

89.)  "What Makes Your Views Right And His Wrong?"


87.) Opinions on the Mark of the Beast

86.)  What is the True Meaning and Power of Opinion?

85.) "Have you considered that you may have Kenite blood somewhere?"

84.)  "Who are you to tell anyone they should repent?"

83.)  "I was convicted in my spirit to do a 180 as I myself had begun to study with Murray."

82.)  I recently started studying with Pastor Murray, I was looking for a SCN forum when I stumbled onto your website.

81.)  "HOW do you propose we "FORBID" the manifestation of the Holy Spirit?"

80.)  February 13, 2010 Seasoned Shepherd's Chapel Student Demonstrates Ignorance of the Proper Use of a Strong's Concordance. RE-plenish? Or Fill?

79.) "Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 tell of two church types with which Jesus found nothing wrong. What did they teach?" My Answer: The Shepherd's Chapel is the Synagogue of Satan

78.) Do you believe Adam was the "first man" on earth? What are your thoughts on the "Gap Theory"? What are your thoughts on the "Serpent" of Genesis 3?  Do you still use a Companion Bible when studying scripture? 

77.) "Your Site Looks More Like Hell"

76.) What is the Shepherd's Chapel View on Roman Catholicism?

75.) "Your site is helpful with finding a way to understand."

74) "As a person who once heard the truth, you have gone astray."

73.) "The Rapture.. Does Pastor Murray have, at least, that part right?"

72.) Why Call Dr. Murray, "Doctor,"  When He is Not a Doctor?

71.) From #44 What is the Applicability of the Dietary Restrictions of the Old Testament?

70.) "He (Dr. Murray) is obviously blind to the bible and what it means. He is adding and taking away..."

69.) On the Serpent Seed and Importance of Bloodlines: "Dude, let me really blow your mind."

68.) "Have you done any research on E. Raymond Capt.  Have you found him reliable?" (Anglo-Israelism)

67.) "My Pastor/Teacher goes thru Fathers Word as Pastor Murray and broadcasts worldwide. We are the generation full of zeal for Father's Word.  We are not as reserved as Dr Murray." A Shepherd's Chapel Knock-off Group Speaks Up.

66.) "The Definition of Rapture is Joy...I am against what you said about Dr. Murray."

65.) Adam, the "other races," and the significance of "Eth Ha Adam"

64.) "It seems to me, you are young and looking for answers. What you have done is overloaded your thinking process."

63.) "What ground, including religously, and educational background (seminary with degree) you have graduated from, to have come to the determinations that you have concerning Dr. Arnold Murray and Shepard's Chapel?"

62.) "My heart screams that I have taken too much of what Pastor Murray teaches as fact."

61.) "I don't sense any hatred from you towards Murray as many believe." Plus a different theory about the Jews

60.) "Just want to let you know, that you're appreciated. "

59.) Serpents, Fruits, and Trees: Literal or Symbolic? How to decide.

58.) "I`ve never heard Pastor Murray spew any of the filth you`ve stated." This SCN student did not know who Dr. Murray teaches the Kenites are. I help him with some solid proof.

57.) "I thought I was "on my way" with great insight from Pastor Murray. What do you suggest for one seeking The Truth?"

56.) "Has Pastor Murray ever given you any response to your article?"

55.) "Seems to me, you might do more good by ignoring him"

54.) "My Mom is VERY wrapped up in his teachings. This concerns me."

53.) I have studied with Shepherds chapel for nearly 15 years now. I know all their doctrines pretty much backwards and forwards. But I am a Bible Student first and foremost.  (Several very good questions are discussed).

52.) "THIS IS NO JOKE" People are being  deceived here. Please remember to pray for Dr. Murray and his followers." 

51.) "Thank you for speaking out about Arnold Murray and his teachings."

50.) "What's wrong with digging deeper to answer the deeper questions?"

49.) A little bit on the Sabbath and Holy Days.

48.) "Thank you for your insight on this 'pastor.' "

47.) "I thought I finally found a great teacher who studied verse by verse and chapter by chapter (Dr. Murray). I was duped again." 

46.5.) Debunker #1: Response to Watchman_2's "Point by Point, Debunking Paul Stringini."  (An piece, from a public forum, attacking this site)

46.) "You Refer to God With a Small "G," You Are Most Likely Referring To Your God Satan"

45.) "I Have A Problem With An Idiot Like You Out There Trashing One Of the Best Teachers  ...What's The Matter, Did Him Get His Feelings Hurt By The Big, Bad Pastor?... I Have A Higher Education In Psychology, Sociology And Other Behavioral Studies ...I Believe You Are Bipolar With Schizophrenic Tendencies ...You Suffer From Illusions of Grandeur! ...You Weirdo!"  Loving Your Enemies, Shepherd's Chapel Style

44.) Extensive Discussion of  What Happened In the Garden of Eden and the Origin of Races

43.) "You should have continued in your studies with Dr. Murray for a longer period of time."

42.) "I Personally Know Reformed Gang Bangers, Drunks, Drug Users, etc. That Have Changed Because of Studying With Pastor Murray."  i.e. Stop Criticizing Pastor Murray

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40.) From the Same Person as 27 and 28: Kenites, Israel, Election, and Attitude, in Multiple Parts

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38.) "Why Do You Believe That There Isn't A Rapture? / If We Are Truly Believers of the Same Bible, Why Are We Getting Such Different Opinions From It?" And More on Where the Dead Are.

37.) "Our marriage is suffering"

36.) "It is a Sin to Judge... You Are a Baby Christian... Throw Yourself in Front of a Bus"

35.) "It Seems That My Loved Ones Are Becoming More and More Hateful and Intolerant of Other Races."

34.) "YOU CAN GO F*** URSELF. A**HOLE. HOW F***ING DARE YOU." (Warning: Uncensored Foul Language) Did Judas Hang Himself?

33.) Chapel Student Gone Bad: "She speaks a lot of herself as being the "elect," and that she is a messenger of God."

32.) "How Can I Get A Tape Of Arnold Murray's 1981 Prediction?"

31.) "I Donít Have A Big Problem With Your Criticisms, Only That You Feel Compelled To Criticize"

30.) "Thank You"

29.) "So If You Left Shepherds Chapel, What Do You Now Believe In?" (Very Short Answers) I refer readers to my audio bible studies, and to a lesser extent (for now) the "What do you believe?" (which is a bit thin)

28.) From Same As #27 A Companion Discussion Focusing on the Serpent Seed

27.) An Excellent and Exhaustive 70 Page Debate Over Several Diverse Chapel Doctrines: Serpent Seed, The Resurrection of the Dead, Predestination, Preexistence, Kenites (This One May Need An Index)

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25.) "How Many Humans Were On the Ark...? What Do You Think Of Strong's Concordance?"

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23.) "Remember We Are All Brothers In CHRIST"  i.e. It is Wrong to be Critical of The Shepherd's Chapel and Pastor Arnold Murray

22.) Does Pastor Arnold Murray Teach That The Sacrifice Of Jesus Is To Be Ignored? And What About "Ishtar"/Easter?

21.) Tithing and Giving: What Should I give? And Who Should I Give It To?

20.) My First Defense of the Modern Usage of Unknown "Tongues"

19.) A Short  Exchange on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

18.) You Seem to Miss the Point About the Seeds (the Serpent's and Eve's) ***1st Rebuttal of the Serpent Seed Doctrine*** (See also 27&28)

17.) Doesn't Understand What Difference It Makes

16.) "Noah's Little Ol' Flood"

15.) The Man I Love Is a Follower of the Shepherd's Chapel Part 4 - The Rapture

14.) A Discussion of the Trinity, What is It? What Isn't It?  Why Dr. Murray's "One God Three Offices" Is Not the Trinity.


12.) I Agree With Some, And Disagree With Some

11.) You Burned Down Murray - Without Knowing About the Offspring of Satan You Cannot Teach the Word

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1.) 24 Questions From an Evangelical Pastor Murray Detractor