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"All I Know Is The Old Man Is Outing the Word"


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To: Paul Stringini
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2014 2:37 AM

Wits up I am who I am witch really is not of relevance but I much like yourself am no follow of man and our  sinfull ways,which I ain't going to lie I am guilty of being daily, be that as it may when you live in City, State.
It is very hard to walk_ the strait and narrow.all this sed I do read the word and from my own understanding witch I know is from god my body is the church faith is the foundation and Jesus is the cornerstone and my opinion that makes organized religion were you go to a specific man made building is with a man who people apoint  to reach the word wouldn't that be following a man?wen you read and really let your spirit  be the link to our creator and you, wut you get out of wut you read is directly intended for you and it is difernt for everyone because he made us in my personal opinion that makes wut you get out of it your own understanding. all I know is the old man is outing the word out there and is not hustling for money as much as any other religious program on the TV but you can't hate all the show and church don't pay for themselves. im thank full for the message he brings to us who have ears to listen and eyes to see  that Jesus was a man just like all of us other than he is THE REDEAMER OF ARE SINS IF WE believe. any man knowingly and willingly who would be torchard naild to a tree so my soul is not lost and imprisond in lake of fire in hell were you get raped torn apart burned and more stuff.that is a man I will follow to the end and since from wut the bible teaches and current events looks to me like we are getting close to judgement he is the one who I want to lead me and the ones I love.anyway hope you get this and may god bless you and yours. pleas pray for all of us saints or wut I like to think I am a sheep dog who was sent to live with the wolves and find the lost sheep and bring than home thank you and hope to hear back sincerely storm

My First Response:

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Emailer #247,
Arnold Murray does hustle for money.  He is constantly selling CD's and books, and he asks for donations at the end of every broadcast.  The only reason people think he isn't "hustling" is because he says he never begs.  Asking for a donation, is the definition of begging.  Just because he does not put on a show of begging does not change the fact that he has his hat out. Words are cheap, but actions speak louder than words.  I'm not impressed by a guy who sounds the trumpet telling us all how morally superior he is all the time.
You said a lot in your message, which I read, but it was mostly a declaration.  If you have any questions for me, I am happy to answer them.
Paul Stringini

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