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I liked studying with Murray. However, now I've read from you that he is a false teacher and I am at a breaking point of confusion.


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Subject: Arnold Murray and the Bible
Hello, my name's Name Withheld, I'm 17 from California. I just read your article on pastor Murray's doctrines. I recently started watching his program and studying the word along with him. This after trying to study the bible myself and failing to understand, so that's why I liked studying with him. However, now I've read from you that he is a false teacher and man am I at a breaking point of confusion. If it were up to me I would jump into God's word and study and learn truth and get meat myself. But I feel really dumb when I try because I just can't understand, I ask God to give me ears to hear so I get it but I just can't get it. I don't know what to do so I'm guessing I'm asking for your help, I don't even know your name how rude of me as well, I feel like I'm a mess but I just want God and truth and to be with Christ an eternity ahhh idk I think I'm almost at the point of giving up.

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Subject: Re: Arnold Murray and the Bible

> Hi Name Withheld,
> First, my name is Paul Stringini, and don't feel bad about not knowing it.
> Its no offense to me at all.    When I was 17 I didn't understand the bible
> much either, and even after I learned a lot about what was in the bible, I
> still didn't really understand it until God really opened my eyes.  The
> truth about having ears to hear is that you need to be willing to let the
> bible teach you, and sometimes that is not easy because what we think we
> know and what we hear can be conflicting and that makes it hard to make
> sense out of it,. Also, there are all kinds of people out there who want to
> make you their student or to make merchandise out of you and sell you
> stuff.. I would like to teach you, because I feel that the things I teach
> are good and helpful and right,  but I won't make merchandise out of you or
> fill your head with my own imaginations or doctrines of men.  All my
> teachings are free.
> I have a series of free audio bible studies, chapter by chapter and verse by
> verse which may interest you. I
> recommend you listen to them starting with the book of Matthew.
> I also have a lot of free music I've done  the
> words to my songs are chapters from the bible. You may find the music
> helpful and inspiring.
> I also have some teaching and music videos on my youtube channel
> I have taught most of the new testament, but I have working on a new music
> album for the past year, once I'm done I'll be getting back to doing more
> teachings. Be patient with yourself, the Lord is patient, I know it from
> personal experience. If you seek him he will teach you, but be dedicated and
> earnest (and if you are not then pray to be dedicated and earnest, but I
> believe you are) It is not that easy to just pick it up on your own, that is
> why the Lord appointed teachers among men and he also sends his Holy Spirit
> to guide us.  My main goal as a teacher is to help you to become like
> Christ, and the process does not happen overnight, but if you continue in
> the faith you will see yourself getting good things from God and growing up
> into a man worthy of the calling. I instruct in the most important and
> worthy doctrines that you may have part in the promises that you have/will
> read about in the bible.  I don't go for vain imaginations or speculations
> about stuff I have no knowledge about (and I don't talk about Arnold Murray
> in my teachings). Anyways, all my teachings are free and you can download
> them or listen to them online.  I take what I do very seriously. And if you
> are attentive to it you will be blessed.
> Sincerely,
> Paul Stringini
> If you ever have a specific question, do not hesitate to write, I do not
> always respond this quickly, but I am here to serve and will not be at all
> inconvenienced by your messages..

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Subject: Re: Arnold Murray and the Bible

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