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"I Would Like to Say Thank You for Your Write Up."


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To:  Paul Stringini
Sent: Monday, July 08, 2013 12:06 PM
Subject: your write up on Shepherd's Chapel

I would like to say thank you for your write up.  I have had many of the same questions on the study and comments of Mr. Arnold Murray.   I really do enjoy his Bible readings.  I listen to them during the day at home on dish.  I donít agree with all he says and I just know everyone sees things a little different.  I, like you, have had the wonderful experience of the Holy Ghost and tongues.  I would never deny that this is not of God.  I know the truth on this and some other things and realize I am not to follow any man with my mind wide open to accept what ever comes from them.  God has shown me many things and I thank him for them all.  Keep on studying and we will all grow in his word and wisdom and yes we will need it, now and later.  I do believe time is short in some way.  You can reach me at emailaddresswithheld.  I donít know if this email shows this or not.  Thank you brother in Jesus Christ.

My First Response:

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From: Paul Stringini
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Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2013 1:36 PM
Subject: Re: your write up on Shepherd's Chapel
Hi, I just noticed that I never responded to your message.  Sometimes that happens when someone just writes something full of understanding instead of something combative or a question.  I completely understand why Murray's readings would appeal to anyone zealous for the word.  It is very hard to find anyone willing to go through the bible line by line.  I think they presume it would be boring.  And I suppose it would be boring to people who did not have a passion for the word.  That is the problem these days.  They are concerned about serving the needs of people who are not very serious about their religion.  People who are very zealous for the things of God are not really given much consideration.  Everything is made to appeal to people who might not be very interested in the core of what Christianity really offers us in this life. I try to focus my studies on serving those with a zeal for righteousness and the things of God. 
I also do line by line bible studies:  You may find you enjoy them.
Paul Stringini

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