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"Your site is helpful with finding a way to understand."


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Sent: Friday, January 15, 2010 9:03 AM
Subject: Much more understanding!

I tried to understand shepherd's chapel, but thankfully I just couldn't. I haven't completely read your site, but it is MUCH more understanding than what else I've found. Finding ways to understand how the parts of the Bible go together is difficult, but your site is helpful with finding a way to understand.

I have a friend that is a dire shepherd's chapel watcher & he thinks that because Dr. Murray has a Bible in front of him while he's explaining things it has to be true. I told him unless you have your Bible out & pull up what Dr Murray is saying you don't even know it's even in there. He says that Dr. Murray went back & did a correct translation where most translations are off. I figured that was just a way to change the Bible to what society wants to hear now.

My friend thinks he was saved by Dr. Murray so I'm going to try to help him get the info he needs to see the mistakes.

I'm sure you get a ton of hate mail, but thanks for putting this site out so more people might be able to understand the Bible.

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From: Paul Stringini
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Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 12:27 PM
Subject: Re: Much more understanding!

Hi, Thanks for that message, I really appreciate it. 

I do get some hate mail (and I confess that I find it more fun than I probably should), but I get a lot more, "love mail," as in: "You should stop criticizing Dr. Murray and all just love each other and get along."  Of course, the problem with that is; If I love the truth, I have to hate lies. Just as it is true that If I really love righteousness, I ought to hate iniquity.  Because, if I love lies, then I hate the truth, if I love iniquity, then that means I hate righteousness.  So, even though they come across as, "love mail," it is really just a deceitful form of hatred. 

There are so many well meaning people out there who don't love enough to stand up for the truth.  Unlike a lot of people, I really am aware of how big of an idiot I really am, but that helps me, believe it or not.  The scriptures say "lean not on your own understanding"  I take it as a matter of habit to continually question and re-question the things I have learned and the things I think I understand. 

I'm glad you think my site is helpful.  Just working on it has helped me immensely.

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