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Emailer Claims, "I Can Tell That You Know His Teachings Well... I Have Watched Pastor Arnold Murray Since 1994" in Regards to My Article regarding the Shepherd's Chapel and Pastor Arnold Murray

The Question/Comment:

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Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 12:52 AM
Subject: INTERESTING: Your Article The Shepherd's Chapel And ArnoldMurray

First of all i have to say that it is very courageous of you to respectfully disagree with the Chapel and the Murray boys.   I have watched Pastor Arnold Murray since 1994 on televison and i would assume that he would have a lot of followers that would take your words to heated argument or worse. I know that he is very charismatic type person that people will follow.

As for me, i respectfully hear what you say about him and like me i can tell that you know his teachings well.  I know that he teaches that the German people are our true brother Judah. As a matter of fact all the royal families whether English, Swede, Italian, Russian, French, or any other European royal line are all royalty thru their German lineage. He connects it all together as the Royal Bloodline of Judah.

What is my opinion of this as well as the Kenites, i still don't know, i keep an open mind.  Tou see with what he calls the Kenites when i read of people like Andrew Fastow of Enron, Jack Abramoff, Monica Lewinsky (what were the chances here), and the names just keep piling up, the movers and shakers behind it all.   

Mean while guys like me and you serve and die in war. Do read the surnames of the folks that gave up there lives in service to this country and do also read and notice the surnames that are not.   Take a notice at who graduates these days from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Penn. While the whitebreads and gomers like me and you(for example) lose our lives. 



My Response:

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 Hi V___,  xxxx (personal info removed) xxxx  I  really appreciate the tone of your letter, as you guessed, some people really got ticked off at me,  but I'm just a man with an opinion.  People have to weigh for themselves, by God's word, whether what any man says is true.  That was the best thing Dr. Murray taught me, and I never regretted having studied the bible with him, or buying his tapes, that is where I got my start.  It is just that there comes a point where if you believe God gives you a conviction on an issue that you just have to speak out and that is what I did.

Most of the angry people fell into two groups. they were either Shepherds Chapel students who said I did not accurately represent Dr. Murray's teaching.  And Dr. Murray's Enemies who were angry at what I said about the trinity.  Oh well, can't please anyone, hey thanks again and I hope you got the chance to check out the music section of my website

Emailer's Reply:

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WOW! I had no idea that you have Italian ancestry. Thanks for telling me... V____            

ps. i wonder if murray believes Italians to also be of the lost tribes of Israel or pre~Adamic? any opinions or experience knowledge talking to them on this subject, i know that he believes that certain Native Americans like the Hopi and the Cherokee are of the lost tribes of Israel, i still don't know how he came up with this one being his belief that the Tribes of Israel were Caucasian.........                                              


My Reply:

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Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 10:55 AM
Subject: Re: INTERESTING: Your Article The Shepherd's Chapel AndArnoldMurray

Well, I don't think that the Romans were any lost tribe,  on the other hand, modern Italians are a mixture of Roman and Barbarian, my five Great-Uncles, all born in Italy (Abruzi) all have blue eyes.

My honest opinion is that alot of people are distantly related to the "lost tribes" I was just watching a DVD where they did genetic testing on a south African tribe which claims to be a "lost tribe" and discovered that the priestly cast of that society is genetically linked to the family of Cohen, the known Israelite priestly line of Levi.

So blue eyes ain't everything...

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