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Are the ethnic people known as "the Jews" the Kenites?

Arnold Murray's Intentional Subtlety Exposed


I am often falsely accused of misrepresenting my former teacher, Arnold Murray.  When it comes to the identity of the Jews/Kenites, I seem to get a lot of venom saying that Murray does not teach the "filth" which I claim he teaches.  But the real story is that Arnold Murray misrepresents himself on television and has concealed his opinions regarding the Jews from casual Chapel students.  It is nearly impossible to nail Murray down on the matter of the Jews, because he will play semantic games with the term "Jew" every time, he even laughs about it in one of the clips on this page.  He expects you, as a sharp student, to get this on your own.  I suppose he might view that as part of proving your election. He shouldn't have to spell it out for you.  But in these audio clips, gleaned from my extensive collection of Shepherd's Chapel material, Dr. Murray speaks for himself and makes his opinions abundantly and explicitly clear in these rare, more candid, moments.

Transcription Notes: Pastor Arnold Murray's words are in red, my comments are in black, other colors are self explanatory.    The term (sic) is Latin and it means "Just so"  I use it sometimes when Murray says something grammatically odd to indicate that I am keeping to his exact words.

Clip # 1 -  Nine Million Jews in New York, or Nine Million Kenites?

Listen to the Audio Clip : The_Jews_In_New_York.mp3

Listen to Dr. Murray, in his own words, confirming in a candid question and answer session, according to his teachings, that ethnic Jews are to be considered Kenites.

Pastor Arnold Murray: "Yes, Ma'am."

Questioner:  "[Unintelligible] I would like to know what [you think about the, uh] Jews in New York.  What kind of Jews [are in]  New York. [Unintelligible] we're told that nine million Jews [are in] New York."

Comments: The questions in this clip is somewhat difficult to make out, I do my best to transcribe her words, but it is easy to get the basic intent of it.  The sections that I am unclear about appear in [brackets].  Murray's words which follow are unmistakable.

Dr. Arnold Murray: "Ok. First of all, we have to know when we say, "Jews," in the Greek it is, " I-ou-das." Ok. So we're either talking about residents of Jerusalem, or we're talking about sons of Judah.  And I assure you they (sic) are not nine million sons of Judah in New York.  Now if we want to call them what they are: Kenites.  There's about nine million of them!"

Comments: Notice the first thing Dr. Murray says is that bit about the "I-ou-das" in the Greek.  He repeats that little lesson a million times. That is always his first move in this discussion.  Basically, what he is saying is that the biblical term "Jew" cannot be trusted, because it could refer to a legitimate member of the tribe of Judah or to a Kenite who happens to live in Judea.  So you can't pay attention to the way the bible uses the term "Jew." He could easily explain himself on television as he does in this clip, but, on television, he does not clarify his meaning, because Murray does not want to scare people off from his teachings by coming out and declaring that the all the people who are commonly called Jews are the flesh and blood offspring of the Devil. 

In this clip, Murray explicitly assures us that the nine million people who are called Jews in New York are not the legitimate sons of Judah, but rather are the sons of Cain, the Kenites.  And just so we do not miss his intended meaning, he gives us a good idea of what he considers the ratio of true-Jews-who-are-called-Jews to Kenites-who-are-called-Jews to be.  Nine Million people who are called Jews in New York are considered to be "about" Nine Million Kenites.  Now, if I was to try to be very liberal in interpreting his words, and grant that he might be saying that there is a small percentage of people who are called Jews, who are not Kenites, what would that percentage be?  8.5 million is the lowest number we could call "about nine million,"  so 8.5 million out of 9 million people called Jews is 94.4% Kenites and 5.6% true Jews.  In my opinion, Murray was actually saying that 100% of 9 million Jews are Kenites, but if I were to take an extremely liberal view of his words, it would be that 94.4% of Jews are Kenites.

Dr. Arnold Murray: "But they are not... never give them the privilege... they want you... the Kenites want you to call them... Jews, in English, because that gives them kinship to Judah which they don't possess!  So y're... you are helping them foster the lie that they are part of Judah, and they're not!  They're lyin'!"

Comments: Murray does not like to call the people everyone else calls Jews, Jews.  This creates a sort of verbal vortex where you cannot get him to say, "the Jews are the Kenites."  Because he refuses to call the people everyone else calls the Jews, the Jews. He positively discourages it.    He calls them Kenites, and refuses to call them Jews as a way of fighting back against what he sees as their usurpation of the name "Jews."  For Murray, calling them "Kenites" is a form of impotent revenge against the people everyone else calls Jews.  Never mind the confusion it creates among his students. I never had a problem figuring out what he meant, but many people do.

Dr. Arnold Murray: "They are... there are basically two types of Jews ('n New York is rich with both of 'em... both the Ashkenai and the uh... sis...  ssay.... the Sephardic.)"

Male Audience Member Interrupts:  Sephardic.

Dr. Arnold Murray: "(Sephardic, yeah,  this... they've... they're both just chubbed in there).(sic) But they are Kenites. Ok.  Sons - of - Cain." (original emphasis) 

Comments:  Murray here clearly states that both Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews are to be equally regarded as sons of Cain. He does not make any allowances for "True Jews among them, as many students of the Chapel do.

Dr. Arnold Murray: "Now, a lot of peop...  You cannot trace in God's word in Hebrew, or English, or any other language, the Jews to who they really are; because it either has to be Judah, or its gotta be a resident of Jerusalem.  I'm speaking as a linguist now, ok? Um, therefore you have to trace 'em by their name. It's just name is Murray. Now if I'm gonna chase (sic) trace my genealogy, I can't go over to brother Pike here and start tracing his 'n find out where I came from."

Comments: What he means is that You cannot trace Kenites by the name "Jews" you have to trace them by the name "Kenite."  Of course, Murray always neglects one of the most obvious pitfalls.  The Kenites appended to the genealogies of the Old Testament may have no relation to the Cain who lived before the flood.  Also, Christ himself acknowledged that those whom he called the offspring of the devil were the seed of Abraham, making it very likely that he had been calling them sons of the Devil in a spiritual sense.  There is no real concrete connection between the Kenites mentioned in some of the genealogies and the Jews of Jesus' day.  neither Christ nor his Apostles ever mention Kenites.  And the Apostle John Clearly explained how one tells the difference between a child of the devil and a child of God in 1 John 3.  Also, there are many cases in the new testament where it is made clear that the people called Jews in the new testament were presumed by Christ and the Apostles to be the natural seed of Abraham and legitimate heirs of the promise according to the flesh.  No views such as Murrays actually exist in the New Testament text.  he reads his views into the text. 

Dr. Arnold Murray: "Jews, when you state it, is of true Judah, or of Jerusalem.  It has nothing to do with Kenites, they simply try that.  Also, they have spent billions of dollars brainwashing our people, that any time that anyone speaks against this name, Jews, alright, that you're immediately to turn 'em off.  Now... And they enjoy that.  But step around that, step aside.  You let 'em spend the eight billion dollars, call 'em what they are: Kenites."

Comments: This is almost confusing, but what he is saying is that the term "Jews" in the new testament can refer either to true Jews or to anybody who lives in Judea.  And therefore the term "Jews" has really nothing to do with the Kenites, meaning that they are never connected in the bible like that.   "They simply try that"  Means that the Kenites try to make people call them Jews.  And, of course, he says they have been "brainwashing" people to never listen to anyone who dares speak against the Jews.  I don't doubt that the Jews have worked hard to marginalize anyone who has something negative to say against them.  But  one has to question whether any remarks made against "the Jews" as a people have any basis in reality.  Speaking against "the Jews" as if they were some monolith is like speaking against all Americans as if we were some monolith.  I am no fan of the nation Israel, but to treat an entire people as a monolith is contrary to Christian doctrine.  My position on the Jews does not come from Jewish propaganda (which does indeed exist)  it comes from the bible.

Dr. Arnold Murray: "But there are both types there, and they work overtime, they weave that web.  As a matter of fact, communism was espoused right from that city, the first revolution, ok."

Questioner:  "[Unintelligible) these the ones that Revelation talk about, that they call themself Jews, but then are not Jews, but the synagogue of Satan?"

Dr. Arnold Murray: "Yes, absolutely.  Of course, don't take your eyes of Jerusalem. That's their headquarters now, ok, where, where they have set up. So... and he states that that geographical location would be it. Now this doesn't take away from the fact that they are supported there monetarily in control. But, uh, yes absolutely they are a part of it.  But it does not matter what nation or city they're in; they're loyalty is to false Zionism, ok?  Uh, in large part."

Comments: He is saying that while Jerusalem is the focus; the Jews in New York are part of the Jews who are set up in Jerusalem.

Clip # 2 - The people in Jerusalem are not God's Chosen people, they are Kenites:

Listen to the Next Audio Clip: kenites.mp3

Pastor Arnold Murray: "They are deceived already.   [Unintelligible] Now how can you say they're deceived already? You go out on the streets of Gravette, or any other fair city you wish to in the United states, and you come to the first Christian you meet... And you ask that one.. Who is in Jerusalem at this time?  And they will tell you, "God's chosen people." ninety-nine times out of a hundred.  When they are Kenites.  They are those standing in the holy place that ought not."

Comments: While Murray is careful in his television broadcasts not to let on that he thinks of all Jews as Kenites. He never makes any allowance that any of the people who are generally called Jews are anything other than Kenites.  The last remark actually refers to the words of Christ in Mark chapter thirteen, verse fourteen, "But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, "  He is saying that the Jews in Jerusalem are at least a partial fulfillment of this verse.  The only problem is that the Jews have been in Jerusalem for centuries.  True, they have not controlled Jerusalem, but if you want to get that specific, even now, they don't control the "holy place"  that is where the dome of the rock stands, and no Jew is permitted on that ground.

Clip # 3 - Judah is Germany:

Listen to the clip: Judah_Is_Germany.mp3

Want to know the true identity of "our dear brother Judah" who Murray often says those Kenites have given so much trouble to?  That is right, the Germans, who gassed the Jews, are the real tribe of Judah, according to Dr. Murray. (And I am mostly descended from Germans who heiled Hitler. So I bear them no reproach, we are the descendants of barbarians, not of the tribe of Judah)

Pastor Arnold Murray: "Judah is Germany of today.  Has America and West Germany joined into one stick or have they not?  Are we not placing our big stick with the missiles right in their back yard and they're pushing and pulling for us? Not a total reality.  But its working forward to that. Yes."

Comments: Murray teaches that Judah is Germany, what else can be added to that? Murray was making reference to the prophecy in Ezekiel 37 where the Lord speaks of reuniting the kingdom of Judah and the kingdom of Israel.  Murray's analysis of the prophecy seems so far off from the explanation given in the bible. 

19 Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand.
21 And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land:
22 And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all:
23 Neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions: but I will save them out of all their dwelling places, wherein they have sinned, and will cleanse them: so shall they be my people, and I will be their God.
24 And David my servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them.

Aside from the presumptions he makes about America and Germany being Joseph and Judah, these nations are defiled with idols on every side.  I see no mention if sharing weapons or of treaties.  The bible speaks of a true union of the two kingdoms under David.

Pastor Arnold Murray: "But we shall never compromise or join with a non-Christian nation.  Ah.. So do not any, don't let anyone...  As I say, now that we're off television, I'm not gonna say,   I... I'm not afraid to say it there, but I would do more harm than I would good!" 

Commentsw:  This is a great example of Murray's attitude towards his television broadcast.  He does not speak his complete mind on television.  He thinks it would do harm to his ministry.  Also, the first sentence is one of those statements that is basically impossible to hold someone to.  We have allied ourselves with many non-Christian nations,  we also put missiles in Turkey at one point.  But if you try to hold someone to that they will make up some excuse or another.

Pastor Arnold Murray: "See, we have to do it.  You... We have to be wiser than the serpent.  The reason we are where we are, the reason God has chose us, to give us this voice, (and this is your chance for input into those things), is that we use wisdom and we do it boldly.  Yessee, there's a difference 'n bein' stupid!  And being bold, but wise!  Yessee. You, you got to do it God's way.  There is no other way. "

Comments: Murray views his deceptive practices as "doing it God's way"  The reality is that he is doing it the serpent's way.  Which he often alludes to, as he does here.  He says, "we have to be wiser than the serpent." and what that means is that we ought to employ the cunning and deceptive ways of the serpent.  He calls this "God's way."  Honestly this is one of the most demonic clips I have of Murray.  Can you employ the tools of the devil and not end up serving his purposes?   That which makes manifest is light.  Everyone that loves the light comes to the light to make his deeds manifest.  Murray is the kind that prefers to shroud his words in darkness.

He does not understand a fundamental thing about the truth, and that is that the truth is supposed to offend some people.  That does not mean that everything that is offensive is true.  But the point is that we are not supposed to conceal the truth for fear of what it might do to our ministry.  He says "I'm not afraid"  but that is just a case of protesting too much.  He is afraid.  He just prefers to use another word for it, "wisdom."  Serpentine wisdom, which is subtlety. 

As the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so Arnold Murray corrupts your minds from the truth, by SUBTLETY.

Pastor Arnold Murray: "So, ah what I'm saying is, that would be like, the beast that had the... the... uh... iron... the... the... feet of clay and iron.  That's communism and Christianity.  Clay and Iron won't jell, they will not solidify.  Communism and Christianity will not solidify today, so we will never join as one stick with "Israel-lie." Ok?"

Comments: Israel-lie is a play on the word Israeli.  It means that the nation Israel is a lie.  While I agree that they are not of God insomuch as they reject Christ, I do not agree that it is because they are the flesh and blood sons of the devil. 

Yes, a lot of this stuff is dated.  That is because Murray got even "wiser" and started to keep a tighter lid on the things he says when microphones are turned on, especially with the advent of the internet and the potential for widespread distribution of information about his ministry.  But Murray employs the same deceitful practices on Television to this day.  he conceals many of his beliefs for the sake of preserving his ministry among people who would not accept the idea that all Jews are the flesh and blood children of Satan.

Clip # 4 - Who are the Kenites? Aren't some of the people called Jews really members of the tribe of Judah?

 Listen to the clip: Who_Are_the_Kenites.mp3

Many Shepherd's Chapel students don't get it.  I get emails all the time from people who have a moderate point of view on the Kenites/Jews. They think that some "Jews" are Kenites and some "Jews" are true Jews.  But that is not the position of Arnold Murray.  Dr. Murray sets the guy in the following clip straight, according to Murray's teaching, the Jews are one of the purest races in the world, and, according to Murray, they are the seed of Satan.  He also reveals more of his deceptive philosophy in teaching that people should be wise and not call anyone a Jew to avoid difficulties caused by widespread sympathy for the Jews.

Questioner:  Arnold, I know that people everywhere have trouble understanding who the Jews are.  The Subject always comes up and its a little hard to [get nailed] down.  But I like to think of it this way.  Judah is a family, a blood family.  And, uh, so are the rest of the tribes...of Israel. and they all belong to a larger family of Israel, by blood.  Uh, Jewry is made up of, on the other hand, of [peoples]... First of all [it's a, its a] religious and political organization.  And they're made up of people from all the nations of the world;  including Kenites; including perhaps a few of Judah, and [who knows] maybe a few of the other tribes. [Unintelligible Phrase] Uh... But, They are, by no means a blood family.  And so when you think of Jewry, you gotta think of them people who have adopted a certain political and, uh, religious philosophy.  And who are recognized therefore as being what's commonly called Jews.  I... I think one more point.  Uh, no means are all of the Jews,  Kenites. [unintelligible]  There are many who are simply ethnos (sic).  Is that correct?

Arnold Murray: *sighs*  "We can't say a large part.  No, they're very strict on mixing.  Racially.  I know they will tell you that.. that religiously they graft them in. Now.  You will see in the governments of many nations. Let's say that you will see...ahhh...a... uh... terminology throws me, I can't say it, forgive me, Kenite...ah.. Ethiopian.  They do not claim... they'll say, "well there they are and they are of our people."  But they don't claim 'em. 

Ehhh, A mamzar is one the greatest disgraces in the world... and uh, that's a half-breed.  And, uh, they will not, in their religious circle...I'm talking about the inner circle now, alright?

Comments: This questioner makes a lot of statements that Arnold bears, but if you look at the fundamental questions the man is asking you will see that Arnold's fundamental response is that the questioner is wrong.  For one, working backwards, Are many of the "Jews" simply ethnos? (Ethnos is the Greek word for nations from which we get our word "ethnic")  First of all Arnold cannot bring himself to call the Ethiopian Jews, Jews.  He has to call them Kenites.  Which is really all the answer you need.  He considers ethnic Jews to be Kenites, automatically.  And in answering the questioners assertion about what makes up "Jewry" as the questioner put it,  Arnold says, "no," we can't say that a large part of the Kenites are of other Ethnicities than Kenite because the Kenites are very strict about mixing racially.    Arnold completely skates past the idea the questioner put forward about whether or not all the Jews are Kenites, because even in a question and answer session away from the television cameras, he is cautious.  I have provided ample proof, in Murrays own words earlier, the race of men called Jews is the race of the Devil.  It is not that Murray does not think there is a tiny remnant of true Jews who call themselves Jews among them, it is that he considers the race of people who are called Jews to be entirely made up of Kenites.  They are the sons of Satan, racially.  Anyone else hanging around the Jews, such as Black Jews or Chinese Jews are presumed to be half-breeds of the Kenite race and some other ethnicity, they are not half-breeds of the tribe of Judah.  But Murray does not consider these half breed to be part of the true "inner circle" of the Kenites. 

Questioner: [Unintelligible]

Arnold Murray:  Ahhh... As far as the learned elders are concerned, No.  And you know what they're doing right now, boy they're praying for other reporters to come in, saying, "They're gonna assassinate the whole bunch of us.  They tell you they claim us, but they don't."

Comment:  Aside from the reference to the "Learned Elders" (which is a reference to the fraudulent pamphlet, "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.")  I think this was in relation to current events in Ethiopia back in the eighties.  I was not able to catch the question.  But the Jews who make up the nation of Israel are primarily white European Jews (or nearly white Sephardic Jews)  and are not very receptive of Jews from other races, especially African races.  The Ethiopian Jews have been campaigning for decades to be accepted in Israel with very little success.

Arnold Murray:  Well,  Why?  Why? ...Ever since the old pots and pans peddler... came through... the Talmud (I don't wanna be too, uh,  graphic here... the... the...)  taught them... to impregnate anyone they could in any race; to utilize those children, (see,)  at a later time to control the masses.  But just like using an animal, it was, that they didn't claim them into the inner circle. 

Comments: The reference to the "pots and pans peddler" is  a reference to an old stereotype of the immigrant Jew as a travelling peddler of pots and pans corrupting the morals of the gullible and innocent village girls.  But such stereotypes exist for all kinds of immigrant groups.  Irish cops, for instance, isn't there something downright sinister about so many Irishmen getting into law enforcement?  Or what about all the Indian doctors...  And if you are black, it is not difficult to imagine the order of the world as being a white conspiracy.  Additionally, Jews don't really make a big deal about their failures, who does?  Many Jews are not lawyers, nor bankers, nor rich.  There are and have been many poor Jews/(or so-called Kenites).  What I find interesting is that many of the stereotypes of the Jews are clearly seen in the story of their father Jacob. Jacob was a little deceitful, a little cunning, and yes, he had a cleverness that enabled him to prosper as well.   The same could be said for Daniel, and also for David.  Typical Cunning Jews.  Of course, no one pays much attention to the mentally negligible Jews who never go anywhere.

This reference to the Talmud is somewhat accurate.  The Talmud is full of many outrageous and self-serving doctrines. It is the outgrowth of the doctrine of the Pharisees.  I do not approve of the Jews religion.  The Talmud is a wicked document.  Any Jew who follows its teaching is an enemy for the Gospel's sake, but as Paul taught, that people is still beloved for the Father's sake.   I hate the Jews religion, as Christ taught.  And my faith is in total opposition to it.  But it is unchristian to say that the problem of the Jews is a racial problem because they are the flesh and blood descendants of the Devil.  It is a spiritual problem, which God shall tend to in his own good time. 

Arnold Murray: Ok? They are very stri[ct]...They are... They are the only people,  ohhhhh, now I'm, I'm I'm really overstating this, uh, there was the Gypsy... ah, well, I'm going say that they are the only people that have really stringently held to a... to a... a pure race, of any race of people in this world.  They... they teach it; believe it;  and that's why that you can rest assured...Now, as I say, these... uh mamzar, there's a...there... there  are untold millions of em, but they are, they don't claim them as the inner circle, like, that is to say, the learned elders.  Ok?

Comments: Murray considers the Jewish/Kenite race to be the only race that has really stuck to a pure race.   He equivocates a little, but only on the point of whether or not there are other races that have also stayed pure.  Nevertheless, he is very clear on the assertion that the Jews have maintained a very pure race, and for Murray, that means pure Kenites.  The people called Jews are very pure and that purity is pure Kenite.  This would seemingly answer all questions regarding who Murray teaches the Jews really are.

 Questioner: Still [...unintelligible...] Jews.

Arnold Murray:  You bet.  They call themselves Jews.  And then you have a few that even through religion, call that...

The main number one thing is:  Do not be caught in the trap of teaching bible calling anybody a Jew.   Be a little wiser than that.   I don't like to.  I read it if it come up in the scriptures, but I explain what it means when I come to it.  Or you'll fall into their trap.  And you will lose your credibility.  And you do a lot more damage to Satan's children... by calling them the sons of Cain that they are...that hurts them.

Comments:  Here we have Arnold exposing his philosophy of teaching.  You don't come out and say what you mean.  Because the enemy will get you.  So you have to be "wise" (subtle).  And instead of calling them Jews, you have to stick to the term Kenites.  If you never call a Jew a Jew then you will never be caught calling a Jew a Kenite, and why not? Because the Jews are not the Jews, they are the Kenites!  It is so snake-like and serpentine, and people wonder that I call the Shepherd's Chapel a synagogue of Satan.

Arnold Murray: You know what happens?  The multitudes on the other end of these big eyes here, say, "Kenites!  That's interesting, sons of Cain, well where did...well sure enough!"  And you teach 'em a little bit about reading Hebrew,  "Well there they are! Well, how the difference? How do you tell the difference then...he says that the Kenites have slipped in unawares among, uh... uh... Judah, well then that means Jews...ok, so...that means there's a difference between Kenites and Jews, or Judah."  And invariably, within two months, this letter comes, "I want more tapes, but how do I tell the difference between a Kenite and a Jew?"  And we have a standard form that says, "Anyone that is non-Christian is highly suspect."  Send it back.  Ha ha ha! ... Ok?  So, ah, and that... that's the way, you know, that you handle it.  And pretty soon they say, "Ah! I got it! "

Comments:  How do you tell the difference between a Kenite and a Jew.  Notice how funny he thinks it all is, and how he has to play his cards close to his vest.  You are supposed to figure it out for yourself, and if you haven't figured out after listening to all this, and reading all this,  then I really do not know what to tell you.   Arnold Murray teaches that the people whom the world regards as the Jews are basically all Kenites.  Arnold Murray thinks a lot about the multitudes on the other side of the Camera think when he teaches, and he is very careful about what they hear him say about the Jews. 

I get hate-mail saying that I misrepresent Murray's position on the Jews.  The thing is, that from what I have seen, many of his students just do not agree with him, and choose to hear him in the way that they would like to hear him.  They do to Murray's words what Murray does to the bible, they make him fit into their idea of what the truth should be, and in that, they are some of his most faithful students.  For Murray is the sort of teacher that inspires men to believe whatever seems best to them, and not to believe what the bible or their teacher says.

Posted Feb 2009 (Second edition 3-31-2010)  (Transcription and Commentary added 1-1-2014)

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