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"You, and all like you, will be taught in the millennium"


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To: Paul Stringini
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2015 1:45 PM
Subject: Bad Means of Learning????
If there are any so called children of God being indoctrinated its the main stream church teaching rapture is nothing more than black witchcraft straight from satan. I was taught it when i was younger via  the assemblies of god and when a little child when my parents would come home very late from shopping i would think did God rapture them ???? That's a gift from out God??? I would say  no way You and all like you will be taught in the millennium that what was taught by the main stream religious folks nothing  by satans words Why don't you start learning in the original languages get the truth from God our father ..... see you when your taught sitting in the back row the  reign 

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From: Paul Stringini
To: Emailer #282
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2015 12:57 PM
Subject: Re: Bad Means of Learning????
Hi, Thanks for writing and expressing your views.
I don't teach the rapture. The Shepherd's Chapel is not the only ministry that teaches against the rapture doctrine.  I'm sorry for your experience with Assemblies of God.  I am not an apologist for the mainstream churches, I've never set foot in an Assemblies of God church.  I have never been part of any mainstream church.  My church was Shepherd's Chapel.  So if you think you have a right to say something about Assemblies of God,  I have every right to say a few things about Arnold Murray and the Shepherd's Chapel. 
Just because Arnold Murray teaches against the rapture... does that give him the right to make false prophecies?  Does that excuse him?  I should think not.  Every false teacher has some truth in what they say.  Even the Devil speaks in half-truths.  But Arnold Murray's distortions of the bible, and his false claims to scholarship and special knowledge of the Hebrew text are clearly demonstrated for anyone who cares to actually do the research.
I did get into the Hebrew and Greek, just like Arnold taught me to do. But I found out that Arnold Murray was distorting what the Hebrew says.   Did you actually check him out?  or did you just follow the breadcrumb trail that Arnold Murray left for you?
Have you ever considered that EVERYTHING you think you know about that guy is based 100% on what his own bragging mouth said?!?  Arnold Murray operated a secretive and unaccountable ministry.  They refuse to participate in standard accountability practices.  The only work he did for over 30 years was in the ministry, and he led you to believe he wasn't taking money from it.  But he NEVER said he wasn't getting any money.  He said he never took a "salary for teaching."  But you can bet he profited from the ministry, him and his sons.  Not extravagantly,  (unless you think the free use of a private plane is extravagant and free use of nice new luxury SUV's is extravagant) And he intentionally misled people about that.
Paul Stringini

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