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One of Arnold Murray's Greatest Deceptions - Unlike most other (TV) preachers he doesn't beg for money.


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To: Paul Stringini
Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2012 5:40 AM
Subject: Thank you for your insight

I agree that I think Dr. Murray is a good man. I need to thank him for bringing me back to the Lord. Unlike most other (TV) preachers he doesn't beg for money. I admit they do push their tapes and books. From what I see they are reasonable in price. I am disabled and was always worried about not being able to attend church. I feel better knowing that when I watch Shepherd's Chapel that I am in church. I understand what you are doing and i appreciate your feelings about his teachings. I have been to Christian, Baptist, Pentecostal, and "community churches" and always believed in some of their teachings and disagreed with others. I think if you don't lose sight of the real reason of Christianity you will be saved. I feel Dr. Murray has put all of his personal beliefs together and started a church. If I did the same mine would be a little different. If not for the Protestant movement we would all be forced to here the same teachings. I don't believe in tongues. I don't care if I'm raptured or go to heaven later as long as I go. I love people as individuals not as races. I think all non Christians will go to hell. I believe in Baptism, but also the man next to Jesus on the cross also went to heaven without being baptised. I do believe in spiritual discernment. I do believe in the trinity. I don't think people need to worry about some of the "little" things that seperate the different churches or denominations. I can look through the scriptures and quote verses to back up my views. I'm happy you found a church that you can attend that you agree with. We Christians sometimes argue or disagree with each other instead of focusing on our real enemy Satan. I wish all churches would get away from political correctness and teach against real evils in the world. For example: Homosexuality, Islam, Abortion, Government corruption, Public school indoctrination, sensitivity and diversity training, illegal immigration and the national debt due to soacialism and communist views. I will continue to study with Shepherd's Chapel with Dennis and Arnold Murray. If I don't totally agree with one of their views I will "put it on the shelf and leave it there". If you watch all the TV preachers I think they are the best along with Charles Stanley. If you want to listen to a real confusing and untruths listen to John Hagee, Jimmy Swaggart, Paul and Jan Crouch, Paula White and all charismatic preachers. I can't understand all the screaming and jumping and money begging. I guess that's why I like the nice calm chapter by chapter and verse by verse and the Grandfatherly Charles Stanley. I don't judge them I just don't watch them. God Bless and I think we will both meet in Heaven. Name Withheld from Indiana

My First Response:

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From: Paul Stringini
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Sent: Friday, December 14, 2012 12:46 PM
Subject: Re: Thank you for your insight
Name Withheld,
I was going over my email and found your letter.  I couldn't determine if I had answered it or not.  I get lots of messages and I have got a big family and things get by me, so I apologize.  I didn't really want to argue with you, but I hope you will think about this one point.  I don't know how Arnold Murray defines "begging,"  but his followers who write me say that I am begging for money because I have a donate button on my web pages.  In that case, Arnold Murray is a hypocrite.  He asks for money every single broadcast.  "We are brought to you by your tithes and offerings,  If we have helped you, Please Help us keep bringing this broadcast to you."  He asks for donations for the broadcast, for books, and for CD's.   The guy asks for money, period.  He uses reverse psychology on people by saying "I never beg for money,"  then he smiles and turns and says "please help us,"   Also in his messages he manages to actually threaten people to donate,  "we prune early!"  (If you know what I'm talking about).  He threatens his followers by saying that if the people who live in a particular Television market do not cover the costs of the broadcast the Chapel will pull the broadcast.  That is not begging, that is more like extortion, of course, it only works if you care about the broadcast, so in that way, he is abusive and cruel to those who feel they need him most.  Arnold Murray is not exactly a beggar, he is more like a street thug and a con-man.  I always wanted to like Charles Stanley (who does not beg either so far as I recall), but I have not heard him in years,  I have trouble listening to people on the radio and TV, I prefer direct contact, person to person.
The Lord Bless you and keep you,
Paul Stringini

Comment: I really don't know much about Stanley.  He is another big pastor of a big church.   He used to remind me of Fred Rogers, I think that is why I carry with me a favorable impression of him.  I read the Wikipedia article on Stanley and found it interesting that Moody radio pulled his broadcast after his divorce.  These people obviously have no idea of the spirit of what Jesus said about divorce.  I don't think Stanley has a clue either.

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