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Email Sequence #222 - Emailer #214 Returns and Drops the Facade of Civility in Favor of Railing Accusations

Emailer #214 still sends me messages every few months, usually some random remark intended to be insulting or spam about some subject or other.  I suppose I have to take that as an indication of the depth of his pain, and a measure of the degree to which my activity has impacted his life and consciousness. I forget him, but he never seems to be able to get over me.   For a man of his age, he is notably lacking in every quality one would expect should appear as the result of the Spirit of Christ influencing one's life.  He displays a blatant disregard of the scriptures in favor of his own opinions, a trait I find to be typical of those who have given themselves entirely over to Arnold Murray's deceptions.

I partially felt like entirely ignoring Emailer #214, I knew it would take a lot of time to organize his insults and ravings.  The messages go from one subject to the next, but the old subjects keep going, so there was this huge amount of overlap.  Also there is a lot of trash in his messages, for example, he literally responded, "Yabba Dabba Do!" to a well-reasoned response I made. 

Nevertheless, I thought there was something to be gained in posting the full exchange, so that is what I am doing.  That and more.  To deal with this mess, I chose to present the messages in two ways.  The Emails are divided by subject onto separate pages and they are also presented in chronological order, one after the other on one special page.  Some people may think there is no purpose in any of this.  I feel quite the contrary.  For one, I think this demonstrates the caliber of students generated by Arnold Murray's ministry.  For two, I think that lessons learned while dealing with such are instructive.  For three, I like to keep all my dealings public.  Other than messages kept private due to an abundance of personal material, or due to the expressed wishes of the emailer, eventually I try to put everything I do to the judgment of others.  I consider it a mechanism of accountability.

I have also added Email 222p which is my response to a text which Emailer #214 cut-and-pasted in a few of his messages.  I did not respond to it during our original exchange, because he had worn out his welcome by then, and also because (as a rule) I do not respond to cut-and-pasted texts.  Nevertheless, in order to completely dismantle any thought that I might be avoiding dealing with arguments in favor of Pastor Murray's doctrine, I will deal with these texts now, publicly.

Email #222 Divided Sequentially by Subject Line:

These pages contain some additional commentary not found in the chronological dump.

 Email 222a - "Your Gemology" - A Shepherd's Chapel Student Questions My Racial Identity"

 Email 222b - "Meteor Over Russia" -  Chapel Student Claim's Murray's Comments Were Accurate

Email 222c - "Your Surgery" - Talk About My Surgery Devolves Into Expressions of Racial Hatred

Email 222d - "Which Way Do You Swing"  - Fishing Out of the "Right Side" of the Boat

Email 222e - "Work" - What I Do for a Living

Email 222f - "Geneology" - The Folly of Relying on Ancestry

Email 222g - "Howdy" - Emailer 214# Attacks My Marriage

Email 222h - "Information for PAUL, the self proclaimed "teacher". Cut-and-Pasted Texts Rejected

Email 222i - "Illinois" He Asks About the Weather - Not Worth Reading

Email 222j - "One of Your Statements" - Arnold Murray's False Claims to Virtue Examined - Worth Reading

Email 222k - "Sunday" Emailer #214 Spends His Time Googling My Name

Email 222l - "Stuff"  Emailer #214 Tells Me About Dinner

Email 222m - "A Related Question" - Teaching Falsely In Ignorance

Email 222n - "Weekend" Emailer #214 Invites me to Dinner, I Decline

Email #222 Special Pages:

Email 222o - Emailer #214 in Chronological Sequence

Email 222p - Dealing with Emailer #214's Hyperlink to Ben Heath

Email 222p - Dealing with Emailer #214's Cut-and-Pasted Text From Blogger "Kevin"


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