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I too was a student of Shepherd's Chapel. I studied with them for about 12 years.


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Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2012 5:36 PM
Subject: Arnold Murray
Hello I too was a student of Shepherd's Chapel. I studied with them for about 12 years. Then I decided to check them out with my Strong's well I did not have the Strong's all of those 12 years. I have to say I guess I was lazy before and also some times I just trusted them to be right. I had always before finding shepards chapel thought there was more to the bible than I was being taught in church. I had gone to many different denominations trying to find a church that taught the Bible the way I was reading it. Once a decided to check out what they were teaching at shepherds chapel (from now on referred to as SC) as I looked closer I found that they teach the bible and almost all of the truth but on every subject I find a little lie. I think that is how the devil works he tells most of the truth to make it sound right but tells a little 1% of a lie that changes Gods word. SC teaches for an example it is ok to divorce stating God is a divorcee  and that is true BUT it is cause of Israel went a whoring. Jesus teaches in Matt.5: 31-32 you shall not put away your wife for any reason save cause of fornication. The Murrays teach just repent and you can do as you please. well that might be well and fine if you could truly repent. As I read the Bible it tells me that to repent it means you are truly sorry and the second part of repentance is to not do it again. So if you divorced for any other reason than your spouse having sex with someone else you would be committing adultery every time you went into your new wife and also you would be causing her to commit adultery. They at SC have allot of half truths  and at first they seem so right. If you really study what they are putting down, You will find they are a little off from what the Bible says. And then some times Arnold just goes off the deep end by saying that what he is reading means something totally different than it does. I keep saying they because Dennis does not differ in any word for word than Arnold, WOW what a loyal son well I just wanted to touch base with you sorry for the bad spelling I have a 7th grade education and was not there for allot of that . I would like to do a little studying with you to see where you are as to the Bible. May God bless you and your family    sincerely  Name Withheld      

My Response:

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Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 10:24 AM
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Name Withheld, Thank you very much for writing.  My dad never finished the 9th grade but he still managed to take care of us and be a good and honest father. They teach most of the useful stuff by the 6th grade and your spelling is good enough to read. And it sounds like you can read good enough to tell when someone is trying to change what you are reading into something it isn't.  I'm glad you are interested in checking out my studies, I take the work very seriously, I think we ought to be very careful when we start to tell people what God says, that ought to be done with a health dose of fear or at least caution.  I have a bunch of free bible studies, I wish I had time to do more  right now, I do have plans for more, but I have a lot irons in the fire: music, bible studies, writing doctrine, a house full of kids and I have to work to make a living, so my work goes slow, but I keep at it. That is my studies page if you didn't have it.  There are a few small parts of studies I'd like to do over, because I think I could do a better job explaining, and God willing I will get to that, but I think you will be blessed if you listen to them.
If I may be of service to you at any time in the future, please feel free to write.
Paul Stringini

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