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"How Many Humans Were On the Ark...? What Do You Think Of Strong's Concordance?"

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Subject: How many humans were on the Ark...?


Dr Arnold Murray says on his shows, "there were other races of people on the  Noah's Ark", here is my question to you...?

Where is the reference in the Bible that tells the the other human persons were on the Ark, others than Noah's family members...?

Below are the scriptures from E-Sword: I just ordered a Strong's Concordance this week, what are your thoughts about the concordance for going back in time for Hebrew studying?.

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My Response:

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Subject: Re: How many humans were on the Ark...?
There is no reference in the Bible to any people beyond the "eight souls" (Noah and Mr.s Noah, their three sons and their three wives). 1peter 3:20 " the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.
Arnold Murray suggests that the reference to "eight souls" is a reference which should be viewed as exclusive only to "Adamic Souls."  He then further suggests that if there were only eight "Adamic Souls"  on the Ark then it is probable that there were other kinds of people on the Ark, "Non-Adamic Souls."   This is another example of Dr. Arnold Murray's imaginative approach to interpreting scripture.  Of course it makes no sense, amazingly this is an argument from double silence, for one, the scripture is silent on the "Adamic Souls" issue.  Second the scriptures say nothing of any other people being on the ark.
Also, according to Dr. Murray (and others), the purpose of the flood was to destroy the Nephilim; the offspring of the fallen Angels (and I don't take issue with that). But the very people that Dr. Murray is trying to get on the Ark, and past the flood, so that they can secretly supplant the Jews; namely the Kenites; are in fact (according to Dr. Murray) the offspring of a fallen Angel (Satan)  So the preservation of "Kenite Souls" on the Ark would absolutely undermine the stated purpose of the flood (ie. the elimination of half-Adamic individuals).
"what are your thoughts about the concordance for going back in time for Hebrew studying?."
Well, a concordance is a useful tool, but it is just as subject to opinions and prejudices of men as any other reference work.  I've run into too many people who seem to think that Strong's is some sort of absolute.  It is not.  Do not rely on just one reference work, compare translations, compare reference works, use the Holy Ghost, rely on Him.

Pr11:14 Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Most of the problems people have with reading scripture cannot be solved with reference works, and are usually made worse by them.  The problem is that  people do not comprehend what the bible is saying on its face and most of it is very plain, so they search for "deeper meanings"  where there are none. And in the places where deeper meaning is, they cannot find it out.

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