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"I was getting very intrigued with Mr. Murray's teachings. You Saved Me From Making A Huge Mistake."

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Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2008 9:42 AM
Subject: You saved me from making a huge mistake.


When you said that you have a large amount of tapes and teachings of Arnold Murray, my attention was instantly had.  I haven't yet, but was intending on taping shows, getting as much as I could of this man's teachings.  This very morning I asked my 13-year-old daughter if she would like to begin reading along with the Shepard’s Chapel, and me her response was YES.  Luckily, for her I decided to check out the Internet first to get a bit more information. 


Then to my surprise and I will admit a little sadness, I found your website regarding Arnold Murray.  I have to take a minute to Thank God for leading me in this direction and be very grateful that although I was getting very intrigued with Mr. Murray's teachings I have not jumped in with both feet yet.  I am still a youngster when it comes to reading and learning the Word, but I have accepted the Lord as my Savior since 1984.  My husband and I are equally yoked and have been since we met in High School, 25 years ago.   I can't help to fully believe that God led me directly to your website minutes after my daughter happily agreed to study with me. Wow, I am still in awe of that.  As if to say, don't teach this young eager lover of God those teachings.  I feel very relieved to have read your website today.  Like I said earlier, I was a little sad because I was beginning to really get into Arnold Murray and his voice was almost hypnotic.  Although, I do recall now of a few times his words made me twinge a bit, the feeling that didn't set right with my heart. 


So to sum it up, thank you again for being a vital part of saving me from making a huge mistake with my daughter.  Our children are our most valued people and they are looking to us to lead them, and thanks to you and God, I will not lead her down a bad path today. 


Have a wonderful day my friend, and brother.




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Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2008 11:14 AM
Subject: Re: You saved me from making a huge mistake.

Cindy, You're very welcome, there is more that I'm going to be adding (including sound bites),  but I'm glad that what is there was sufficient for you.
Sincerely, Paul

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