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Nephilim, UFO's, and Demons


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Hi, Paul. we haven't met, though your chapel stuff has greatly helped me. I am a born again, Spirit filled Christian who speaks in tongues. I have a sister that's into the chapel, along with her husband. My sister almost got out of it, but allowed herself to get sucked back  into it. Things are not finished, so things may yet work out for her..

Over a 6 month period that ended 18 months ago, I believe God used documentaries to prepare my heart for what He had ahead for me to learn. The subjects were: dinosaurs, tornadoes, nuclear explosions and the military. I had rejected ufo's as being nothing more than a fraud, but after God got finished with me, I saw the truth about these things. And then I found out about the book of Enoch. I had never heard of it before 1 1/2 years ago. Genesis ch.6 vs. 1-4 talks about rebel watcher angels who came to the earth in order to screw up God's plan for our messiah to bring salvation to mankind. I'm aware that most seminaries teach that it's about the good sons of Seth getting together with Cain's wicked daughters. I don't believe this. These hybrid beings, called the nephilim, were responsible for the flood. They corrupted all life on the earth so God had to bring the flood. The reason God picked Noah wasn't because he was morally upright, but because his genetics were pure. Genesis 6 says the nephilin were before and after the flood. When one of these hybrids dies, they become what we call demons. These entities were also in the promised land when the Israelites got there. The giant David slew was a nephilim. Paul, I have never had my world view so drastically and dramatically changed before. I am a worship leader though I no longer am part of the traditional church. God took me out. One of the main issues I learned about was the abduction phenomenon. I'll explain why I'm interested in this particular topic. Late one night in 1975, when I was 17, I woke up to find I couldn't move and I was terrified. At the foot of my bed was what looked like a 4 foot tall flame. I couldn't even think. After several seconds the word "Jesus" dropped into my head. Instantly the paralysis, fear and flame left me. It has never come back. At least not that way. The reason to learn about these things. There are 5,000,000 Americans who say they have been abducted. Some call these beings E.T's, though I believe they are interdimensional. As in heavenly realms. Anyway, I believe I've been led to send you this. But I know you don't know me and I know this is a bizarre subject, and I only believe because I was taught by our King. I've learned that whenever God shows no mercy, it's because they were nephilim. They messed up everything and caused the flood. When Israel went into the promised land, they were told by God to kill every human and beast. The same at Sodom, the same with Goliath. This is where the anti-christ comes from. These beings are well known to leave at the name of Jesus. If you are interested, I have a recommendation where to start. "Prophecy Watchers, L.A. Marzulli and Trey Smith" are good places to start. I hope you're blessed by this. In His love, Ron.

My First Response:

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Hi Emailer #276,  thanks for taking the time to write.  I'm familiar with the issues regarding the nephilim.  I had a similar experience in my bed when I was a teen.  I also called on Jesus and the evil thing departed.  At that point, the question I ask is this: "What more do I need?"  If in calling on the name of Christ, the evil was banished, then I have all the defense necessary for combating such evil manifestations.  I did not know what the thing was, and I did not have to know what it was,  knowing the nature of the evil thing would not impart to me any special advantage over the evil.  I might have wasted time trying to identify it instead of going directly to Christ. I might have relied on my own knowledge of nephilim as opposed to relying on Christ's name. I used to take a great deal of interest in fallen angels or demons, but they don't seem to be much of a threat to me or to any true believer.

When Jesus encountered especially strong demonic powers,  he did not tell his disciples that they needed to study more about the origin of demonic powers in order to be able to deal with such things.  He talked about prayer and fasting because we need to direct our attention to the only one who can protect us from such powers.

I generally avoid arguments about the fallen angels.  I don't agree with everything you say.  Not everything you said on the subject can be upheld scripturally

"When one of these hybrids dies, they become what we call demons. "

That is an interesting idea, but I can't confirm that biblically.

"The giant David slew was a nephilim."

Again,  I can't confirm or deny that.  It might be true.

But as I initially said, none of this information is really going to help me overcome the power of the wicked one.  He has greater powers than demons and fallen angels.  The power of sin to control a person's behavior is a much more direct threat.  I'm not worried about people being taken captive by aliens (demons).  I'm worried about people being taken captive by sin!

2 Timothy 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

The knowledge I crave most is not found in the book of Enoch, it is not even written in the bible.  The knowledge I want is the kind that can only be written directly on the heart.  It is the knowledge that makes a man choose Good when Evil is easier, the knowledge that makes a man resist temptation and turn aside from the lust of the flesh.  The knowledge that tells us how to perform righteousness at every moment in my life.  That is the knowledge that interests me.  I really don't care if God reveals to me what the angels that sinned did.  I really don't care if a dead giant spawns a demon or evil spirit.  On the rare chance that I encounter a demonic force, I make my appeal to Christ, but most of the time, I don't encounter demonic forces or fallen angels.  Most of the time, I encounter simple temptations, in which case I also make my appeal to Christ,  but the difference is that in the daily temptations I am less likely to recognize that I'm dealing with an evil power.


Paul Stringini

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