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Why Call Dr. Arnold Murray, "Doctor,"  When He is Not a Doctor?


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To: (Paul Stringini)
Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009 2:30 PM
Subject: Arnold Murray
Hello my friend.
I just came across your website. Really good stuff. You are doing a wonderful job.
I would however remove the Dr. from Murray's name. It has been proven that the man he said he got it from does not exist neither does his thesis.
I have been trying to debate some of Murrays clones on the God like Productions web site. It usually comes down to me against 3 or 4 of his players. Like you, I feel that the truth of God's Word needs to be put out there for others to read and see the difference.
I hope you do not mind me using some of your material to rebuke this clones.

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From: Paul Stringini
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Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 11:37 AM
Subject: Re: Arnold Murray
Thank you for this, I've been waiting for someone to ask me, "why do you call him a Dr. when everyone knows he isn't?" Or something like that, so I could talk about it on my site, this will make a nice addition.  Obviously, I'm aware that Dr. Murray fibbed about being a Doctor.  From what I understand he does not even call himself "Doctor" anymore.  It used to be printed on all his cassettes and the Shepherd's Chapel Broadcast announcer used to announce him as "Doctor" Murray.  It was in the mid-90's that it started being removed because researchers where questioning it (I think).
The reason I stubbornly refer to him as "Doctor"  is because he stopped. And it is rich irony for a man who likes to go around declaring that his "credentials" are "my ability to teach,"  to have added a false "Doctor" to his name.  Begging the question, "If your ability to teach is your credentials, then why do you call yourself doctor?" 

Even if he reallty was a "Doctor," -- If his ability to teach is supposed to be how we judge him, then why did every broadcast announce that a "DOCTOR" was about to rain wisdom on us?  If he really believed what he said about his "credentials" then he never would have sought to prop up his reputation by giving himself an honorific title which he had not even earned.
Plus, "Doctor" does not impress me, many false teachers are Doctors, in fact, the seminaries which produce the ministers of Satan are all run by Doctors.  What is the greatness of a Doctor?  Except that one blind expert approve of the other blind's experts keen vision.  They be the blind leaders of the blind and they lead nowhere but to the ditch.  Thus it has always been, and thus shall it ever be.
Dr. Murray sought to impress people with a title, he lied to himself saying, "Because of my vast knowledge and the depths of my understanding, by all rights, I ought to be a doctor," And his lovers encouraged him with sweet words of praise and it seemed a good thing to do.  And so his folly was made manifest.
You can use portions of my writing to argue with them or links to it, I do not mind.  
I need to do an update, I've been working on other stuff lately.
Paul  Stringini

Emailer's Reply:

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To: Paul Stringini
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 3:06 PM
Subject: Re: Arnold Murray

Nice to hear from you Paul.
As a matter of fact, Doctorates can be purchased on line now.
This cult of Murray's seems to be one of the most insidious that I have seen in awhile. I am amazed at how little it takes to hook some people with such foolish teaching.
God be with you.

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