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Shepherd's Chapel Student Threatens to Sue Me


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From: Name Withheld
To: Paul Stringini
Sent: Monday, July 08, 2013 11:25 PM
Subject: Lawsuit
I just wanted to let you know how stupid you are having three different sites, hustling money by trashing the truth.  I am sure glad I am not you.
I am putting info together and I will be in touch.

My First Response:

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From: Paul Stringini
To: Name Withheld
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 12:05 PM
Subject: Re: Lawsuit
Dear Name Witheld,
A lawsuit.  That would be delightful, I can't wait to see Murray on the stand, or maybe we can get the Shepherd's chapel to open up their financial records and we can see where all the money has been going, wouldn't it be great to see if Arnold has really "never taken a dime?"   (FOR TEACHING..that is his "weasel phrase,") He has profited massively from the ministry, (he has not had any other job for 30 years)  but while he does not draw a salary as "teacher"... if as the president of the network he does... or  if his sons make millions and share a little of the wealth... or if the Chapel buys him an airplane, I guess he might think that does not count...but the public would like to know the TRUTH.
... but you won't find a lawyer in America who will take your case, whereas I would find hundreds of lawyers who would fall all over themselves to defend me for free (there are some very good Jewish Lawyers out there).  But you don't have what they call "standing." so even if you managed to get into a courtroom by your own efforts, the judge would throw out your case and probably fine you for bringing a frivolous lawsuit.  Murray could sue me if he dared (and if he sued me, it would be like pouring money into my lap), but you cannot, you do not have standing.
Could you imagine Christ or his Apostles taking such a course?  Where is your God?  Why do you so quickly run to law to shut anyone's mouth who disagrees with you?  It's because you are all poor bible students who have let this man flatter you into thinking you are studying for yourselves, when he is really doing the studying for you.  I think you know this quite well, I think you know, and feel guilty, because you do not study on your own, like you are supposed to, the only studying you do on your own is sitting "alone" in front of the TV, but you are not alone, Arnold is with you.  You follow his bread crumbs, and then feel gratified as he praises you for being such a good scholar and coming to the same conclusion that he comes to every time.  The quality of student produced by the Shepherd's Chapel is extremely poor, they only impress by the magnitude of their pride, bad attitude, and ignorance.  Comment: This is what they are known for all over the internet.
As far as your accusations go, you are wrong on several points.  I have one website,  That's it. One. Any other domain that claims to represent me or contains writings by me does not belong to me.  I'd like to know what you meant by "three websites" I have one website and hundreds of webpages on that one site.  Get your facts straight,
As far as "hustling money by trashing the truth"  that is Arnold Murray's racket, and if you could sue people for hustling money while trashing the bible, you could get rich yourself.  Arnold Murray does not believe the bible, he instead inserts into the bible his own imaginations.  He certainly knows how to hustle money.  He uses classic confidence-man techniques to lull people into a sense of trust.  He says things like "don't trust this man!" etc and flatters his listeners in order to ingratiate himself with them.  He claims that he "never begs" but he asks for money constantly, every single broadcast, and between the programs you can hear him hustling donations.
You don't even know what a true "hustle" is.  Arnold Murray is the hustler.  He is foghorn leghorn, talking about himself on TV and begging for money. "If we have helped you, Please Help us keep bringing this broadcast to you"  Not me.  Just having a donate button on your website doe not make a hustle.  There are better ways to get people to open their wallet, but it happens that I have a CONSCIENCE which forbids me from doing such things..This same CONSCIENCE is what compels me to speak out against Murray who is a false teacher.
There is nothing wrong with taking donations for the Lord's work.  But Murray is a hypocrite and a deceiver and you ought to wake up and listen more carefully to the poison you are feeding yourself.  I took in very few donations in the past year and none of them said " keep up the good work against Murray"  I have my own teaching ministry and I also make bible music, those are the primary reasons people give me for their support. Non-family support (support from people other than my family members) amounted to less than $400 the past year.  Murray rakes in more than 10x's that per day.  And all the while trashing the truth.  He is a trasher of truth.

Paul Stringini

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