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Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 8:41 PM
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I was born, raised and lived an atheist life for 35 years.  Did about all you could do in the flesh, for the flesh and nothing but the flesh.  However, I knew early on(5 years old) there was a God.  Now, that brings me to the present.  I have been there, done that, seen this and heard that.  The Word is exactly as Shepherds Chapel teaches.  I have cried out, screamed out and begged for understanding from the Creator since I was 5.  HE has given me that and more.  Like the man that was born blind and lived for 35 years with his condition he was cured in that he would be a shining light on GOD.  I too have been cured of this same condition(although not literary in the flesh sense but spiritually).   It is too late for me but not my offspring.  You can only believe 1 thing.  Either GOD exists or HE doesn’t.   How you come to that belief(and I mean a belief that permeates the flesh, without thinking it just does) is only important in that the people around you will come to believe.   Remember this GOD cannot be mocked!  Look at the fruits and the blessings bestowed upon your enemy and you will have your answer about what is and what is not real.

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Sent: Monday, February 03, 2014 2:35 PM
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Hi Name Withheld,  Every once in a while I overlook a message, and yours was one of them.  I apologize.  But your message was not so much written for me to respond to as it was written to tell me something.  Nevertheless, I like to acknowledge all email.  I did not do so right away because I did have somewhat to say about something you said.
"Look at the fruits and the blessings bestowed upon your enemy"
Well, that depends on your judgment of the fruit.  I have tasted Arnold Murray's fruit.  It is evil fruit.  And therefore the tree is evil.  His teachings are a corruption of the scriptures.  The ministry he has built is just another big-time TV ministry, albeit with some far-out teachings.  I do not look at all the money he is taking in to determine if God is on his side. Where does that wisdom come from? It is the same philosophy that the scribes and Pharisees (the children of the devil) had.  Basically they thought that earthly gain is a sign of God's favor and that earthly affliction is a sign of God's disfavor.   You know, the Shepherd's Chapel is by no means the most "blessed" ministry in  America, looking after the outward appearance.  What is it to me if the wicked prosper in their way?  The scripture is full of  teaching regarding that.  Psalm 73, for instance, but you know all about that, being well instructed in the scriptures.  The wicked may prosper for a season.  But Arnold Murray is a false prophet, that has been proven.  I said several years ago that he would die and never see his false visions realized.  He has been saying we are somewhere in the trumpets for nearly 30 years.  It gets a bit ridiculous after a while, ya know?
Paul Stringini

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