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Murray's Teaching on Hell.


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Hi, I read a lot of your page on Arnold Murray. One question...Is he correct in teaching that there is "no hell" and we are instead burnt out from eternity? Thank you.
My wife and I appreciate learning the TRUTH. Although we do know what matters...Jesus.
Thanks again!

My First Response:

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Hi, Well, I do essentially agree that the wicked are to be destroyed, and not placed in an eternal chamber of horrors.  I do believe that many of the traditions about hell are derived from prejudiced readings of the scriptures.  I would not say that there is "no hell,"  just that Hell is not entirely what we have been led to believe.  The problem stems from several different words being translated "hell" in the bible.

There is a "hell"  in that the English bible speaks of several places as "hell" including, the grave and the valley of Hinnom.  Some of the passages that talk about torment do not actually mention hell, yet are attributed as references to hell.  This is sometimes a bit arbitrary, for example, Revelation 14 "Shall be tormented with fire and brimstone, in the presence of the holy angels and the presence of the lamb" is often cited as proof of eternal torture, but that is without regard to the context.  "In the presence of the Lamb"  and then we have other passages such as 2 Thessalonians 1 which seem to indicate that the final fate of the wicked is to be eternally removed from his presence.

This is a big subject.  I do have a paper I'm working on, but it is a long way from being finished, I might recommend my studies in Revelation 14 and 20 (through 21) in the meantime.

Also, my discussion on the subject of Hell.

A Discussion on the Subject of Hell


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