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"Some of the things Murray says to "go ahead and look up" and both I and my friend have found aren't biblical."


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From: Name Withheld
To: Paul Stringini
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 9:03 PM
Subject: SC teachings

I  was looking to see if Arnold Murray was still alive or not as it seems his son is taking over lately, and came upon your site. I have read your writings before and find them to be valid and truthful.  There's so much that it's mind-blowing as to trying to unravel SC and Murrays twisted web of outright lies.

My reason for looking up SC and Murray involve someone I love dearly who repeats the folksy spews and half-truths. I am concerned for his soul and look for answers to gently respond with accurate biblical thoughts about Jesus who came not to condemn but to save.

I watched Murray myself so I can try to understand but find myself getting taken to a dark place or irrational doctrine. It is no wonder the "students", especially via Facebook (one page where you can see nothing unless you request them as a 'friend') cannot find any local church where this heresy is preached.  They will delete you if you speak against Murray. I believe they see him as a fatherly figure and that they think they're going to church and studying for their salvation. It tears me up inside this idolization they have for this false teacher.  The Facebook page is not run by SC or Murray- then again there is no church service at that building and the blind lead the blind.   Some of the things Murray says to go ahead and look up and both I and my friend have found aren't biblical as to what he's saying get excused away by the cult mentality as everyone makes mistakes and so on.

The other day Dennis Murray answered a letter question regarding speaking against living in sin (unmarried) to a family member. He told that writer he should not preach to their family and "mind your own business" if that person was over 21. I was stunned. None of the letters responded to were answered biblically by Dennis. He's not as good at the game as his dad.

When I read your email section about not saying anything or speaking up when a Christian sees wrong direction I found you gave biblical perspective. Thank you.

I hope you are keeping up your writings against ANY false teachers. I ask that you pray for my friend caught up in SC that he be broken from that grip and shown the truth, the way to a real relationship with Christ.   I believe you know that scene from personal experience, how cults are hard to break free from. And I pray for the false teachers as well and hope you will too. I pray they repent, publicly, while there is still time---  the signs are all manifesting as the end of days near.

Please withhold my email address if you do respond. I would prefer this not be made public as the SC followers do tend to attack when anything is even said about their leader that isn't praise.   Thank you.


My First Response:

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From: "Paul Stringini"
To: Name Withheld
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2012 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: SC teachings

I didn't know what to say to the first few paragraphs, I agree with you and while I enjoy hearing from someone who is of a similar attitude towards the chapel, I also share your heartbreak for people who get swallowed up in Arnold Murray's personality cult.

Dennis is coming on more probably because Arnold is either on vacation or slowing down.  Arnold Murray will be dead in a few years and Dennis will never be able to replace him.  Dennis has none of the personal magnetism that Arnold does, and as you have observed, he relies on his father's human logic and philosophy even more than Arnold does. They call it "common sense,"  I call it "the wisdom of man."  The preaching of "common sense"  is a weird and unique aspect of Arnold Murray's ministry.  

"Mind your own business."  Excellent common sense, people like that sort of thinking, what an easy way to go through life.  Not that you should hound people to their graves, but we have to be faithful to the truth and also to give people a chance to hear the truth, even if they won't like it.  Dennis might as well have said,  "You are not your brother's keeper." We don't want to become debt collectors for God, but we need to speak the truth in love and be ready to forgive.

I am working on more writings and would like to cover more false teachings but with such a big family sometimes it becomes very difficult for me to keep up with things.  There are people who want me to write more doctrine, and people who want me to do more audio bible studies, and people who want me to write more songs, and of course people who want me to press the battle against the Shepherd's Chapel.  I feel obligated to all and at times it is a bit overwhelming.  I will try to do better than my best and I will keep for your friend and I do pray for all my enemies, and those far and near, but especially for those that call on the name of Jesus Christ.

Paul Stringini

Emailer's First Reply:

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To: "Paul Stringini"
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 8:20 PM
Subject: Re: SC teachings
Thank you for writing back. I wasn't expecting you would have the time and want you to know I appreciate doing so.

I will pray for you and appreciate yours. Have a blessed Christmas!  We're all blessed by the gift of God and the hope we have this, in salvation for eternity. Without Jesus there would be no hope in this sometimes vile world and battle against principalities and false, misleading teachers. 

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