Oracles of God Banner - - Jeremiah 23:29 Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?        
All songs composed and performed by Paul Stringini and taken directly from the Bible.
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John Chapter 3 April 28, 2011

Free Line By Line Audio Bible Study Downloads - I have taught, studied, and memorized portions of the bible since the early 90's. In these recently recorded studies I will share my meditations in biblical doctrine. Book by book, and line by line.
"What Do You Believe?" This page contains some doctrinal statements which I have authored (or am working on). Due to my current bible study schedule this page contains only one article, for now, I will let the audio bible studies serve as a substitute.
The Shepherd's Chapel with Dr. Arnold Murray  Many More Letters Added From People With Questions, Comments, And Cursing, About the Shepherd's Chapel. If you are a student of the Shepherd's Chapel you definitely ought to read this section.  
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Paul Stringini
Paul Stringini
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Artist's Musical and General Biography Updated April 8th, 2006
A supplement to Artist's Biography  Written the summer of 2005.
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Psalm 8   PDF

Psalm 119 PDF

John Chapter 8  PDF
John Chapter 16  PDF
The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ

September 4, 2012

3:11 PM

We are less than 48 hours from the launch of The Book of Revelation. The website is getting a serious overhaul.  It is not all ready, but as soon as my music store goes live, the new site is going up, whatever state it is in.  You will still be able to access this page from a link on the "Songs" page of the revamped site. 

You may have noticed that the cover art has changed.  When I was uploading my songs to my distributer, there was some concern about the band name being "Jesus Christ."  I had fallen in love with the idea, but realistically, I have one of the top three results for the search term "Oracles of God" on google.  Oracles of God has been my brand for over 14 years and I finally saw it as foolish to abandon a perfectly good name that is recognized as mine in favor of a name which people have fought over for centuries.  Jesus Christ is the word, and the word is the Oracles of God.  So that is that. I would have loved to call the band "Jesus Christ"  but for a number of reasons that is impractical.

June 13, 2012

I recently discovered that Internet Explorer does not display my webpage properly, I don't know how long this has been going on because I stopped using iexplorer a couple years ago.  I use Microsoft's own web design program so I was surprised at this. I had to break the page a little to fix it.

Anyway, it is time this website got a redesign, I'm tired of the "one page fits all idea, I wasn't able to stick to it anyway. As soon as revelation is ready I'm going to redesign this website.

THE BOOK OF REVELATION Update: Three months after delaying the release and things are really beginning to shape up,  in the next week or two everything should be ready to launch.

March 20, 2012

Over the weekend I was mixing Revelation and I started to feel like something just wasn't right.  There has been a tremendous amount of pressure on me to finish this album, pressure from men and also pressure from God himself, but as I came down to the wire the Lord lifted the pressure a bit and I was faced with the choice of rushing this album out according to the date I had fixed, or delaying the album in order to do it exactly the way that I feel it needs to be done.   I did not want to release this album and then live the rest of my life regretting that I had not done it absolutely according to the vision which God gave me.  So I have decided to delay the Book of Revelation, probably about one  month, I promise that the next time I will not put out another date and change it.  I will probably have more samples and teaser trailers in the meantime so keep checking back here for more details.  Also I will be sending out emails to people who have indicated interest in this album, so if you would like to receive notifications about The Book of  Revelation send  an email telling me so to

Thanks for your patience.

March 11, 2012

After a lot of work The Book of Revelation is almost ready and later this week I will have preview tracks ready.  I really hope that everyone who visits this site will tell their friends and encourage people to buy this album.  I need this to work out,  more than I want to say.

Songs From The Bible
Album Projects
The Vision of Isaiah (Current)

The songs from Isaiah are coming out on YouTube,  I'm recording the whole book sequentially, so if you subscribe to my channel, you will get all the latest additions.  Very soon I will make these tracks available for download.

The Book of Revelation (Less than 48 hours away )

The One Hundred and Nineteenth Psalm (2007)
Psalm 119 (original demo track) PDF
Like A Hammer (2005)
All of These Recordings Are Preliminary and vary in quality
Isaiah Chapter 6 PDF
  (Live Version Available) Jeremiah Chapter 23 PDF
 (Live Version Available) Ezekiel Chapter 13 PDF
 (Live Version Available) 1 John Chapter 3 PDF
Psalm 38 PDF
Psalm 51  PDF
Psalm 76 PDF
The Song of Moses 2008  PDF
Isaiah Chapter 55 PDF
(Open - New Songs are still being written for this album)
Baptizer of Fire (2003)
Album Art in Gallery
 Matthew Chapter 23  PDF 
 (Live Version Available) Matthew Chapter 5  PDF 
 (Live Version Available) Matthew Chapter 6  PDF
 Matthew Chapter 7  PDF
John Chapter 8  PDF
John Chapter 10  PDF
  (Live Version Available) John Chapter 14  PDF
 (Live Version Available) John Chapter 15  PDF
John Chapter 16  PDF 
John Chapter 17  PDF 
The Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ;
Word for Word;
Enshrined in Song
(The ultimate Apocalypse, the retail version, is in the works)
Disc 1
Chapter 1 Opening PDF  
Chapters 2 & 3 Seven Churches PDF  
Chapters 4 & 5 The Sealed Book PDF  
Chapters 6 & 7 The Seven Seals PDF  
Chapter 8 First Four Trumpets PDF  
Chapter 9:1-12 The Fifth Trumpet PDF  
Chapter 9:13-21 The Sixth Trumpet PDF  
Chapter 10: The Little Book PDF  
Chapter 11:1-14 Two Witnesses PDF  
Chapter 11:15-19 Seventh Trumpet PDF  
Disc 2
Chapter 12 Woman and Dragon PDF  
Chapter 13 Two Beasts PDF  
Chapters 14 & 15 144,000 PDF  
Chapter 16 Seven Last Plagues PDF  
Chapter 17 Babylon the Great PDF  
Chapter 18 Doom of Babylon PDF  
Chapter 19 Jesus Returns PDF  
Chapter 20 Great White Throne PDF  
Chapter 21 New Heavens and Earth PDF  
Chapter 22 Pure River of Water PDF  
In the Day of The East Wind (1999)
Related Topic: On the Use of the "Sacred Names"  Why I've stopped using Hebrew names for God in my songs.

Guitar and Vocal Only

"Final Versions"
(Other Tracks Were Left Unfinished)
The Fear of "Yahveh" (1998)
Related Topic: On the Use of the "Sacred Names"  Why I've stopped using Hebrew names for God in my songs.