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Oracles of God is not really a band, it is an idea.  I tried to get other people involved, that failed, but it's mostly the Lord's work, in me.  I wrote this bio and I apologize for speaking of myself in the third person.

Artist Auto-Bio: 

    Born December 4th, 1973, in Elmhurst, Illinois, Paul Stringini came from a musical family.  His grandfather was a nightclub singer on Rush Street in Chicago.  And his father was also musician and aspired to be a gospel singer-songwriter in the late seventies and early eighties.  Paul began studying music informally  at family gatherings where there was always singing.  He began studying music formally when he was ten, in the Schaumburg school system, beginning with the trombone , which he studied and performed for four years (Hi, Mrs. Burry).  Paul reluctantly admits that he did indeed grow up in Schaumburg, Illinois attending Dooley, and Aldrin Elementary Schools; Frost Jr. High School; and graduated from Schaumburg High School.

    When he was fourteen he began taking guitar lessons. Making little to no progress on the guitar; Paul switched to the bass guitar and with some friends formed the hard rock band they dubbed, "Exit," performing at a  local "battle of the bands" and at a  private party which they themselves staged. After about two years "Exit" broke up, and Paul formed another band, with other friends, "Mr. Hyde," in which he was both lead vocalist and bass guitar player. After an unsuccessful (Paul had not yet learned to sing) showing at the Schaumburg Park District battle of the bands "Mr. Hyde" broke up.  Some time later, Paul rejoined some of his former band mates from "Exit" and for a very short time joined former rivals, "Dirty Trixx," performing in another "battle of the bands" after which he left the band, but later was a guest vocalist for them at a carnival sponsored by the Church of the Holy Spirit, in Schaumburg. 

    After graduating Paul went away to the University of Illinois where he hoped to study law but instead became disillusioned with life and after the first term decided to give his life to God. Paul left the university after a year having never attended most of his classes and enrolled in a few classes at Harper Community College as well as attending the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship meetings held there. It was at those meetings that Paul’s love of music began to rekindle. After his experience at the university Paul had thrown or given away his music CD’s, but Paul really enjoyed singing the worship songs at the Intervarsity meetings. Paul took voice lessons at Harper and also delivered a lecture on the second coming of Christ before the Intervarsity Meeting. 

    Sometime in 1994 Paul learned about the place in scripture where it was written, "And I saw ... them that had gotten the victory over the beast...stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. And they sing ... the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvelous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; etc." (Revelation 15)  Paul wanted to sing that song so he composed an a capella melody for the words and began singing it. Paul thought the song should be accompanied so he asked his friend the leader of the Intervarsity fellowship at Harper  (A man named Mike Smith) to help him with the chords, which he did not. Unable to obtain help Paul figured he would have to do it himself. 

    Thus Paul began again to take up the long discarded acoustic guitar. Learning a few chords and for the first time mastering his father’s bare finger technique; Paul began to learn and eventually discovered the proper accompaniment for his first song. In April 1995 Paul was baptized by Arnold Murray and married Katie, soon after this Paul began work on "The Song of Moses" which was the beginning of an explosion of biblical songwriting. 

Additional Biographical Information:

Born:1973, Paul Eugene Stringini
Baptized 1993  Reborn: March 21st, 2005
Married Eleven  Years to Katie - April 5, 1995
Their Four Sons: Caleb ‘97, Jared ‘99, Derek ‘01, Gene '03, And One Daughter: Grace-Lynn '05
Contact Paul at:  for more information and to schedule performance dates

Paul’s Testimony (prior to 2005): I have come to realize that some people expect artists to testify as to a change in their life brought about by salvation through Jesus Christ and they call this your "Personal testimony." While I prefer to focus on the testimony of Jesus, the life and teachings of Christ and his Apostles, I will say this for myself, I never remember not believing in God and Christ but I have always been more inclined to follow my own lusts, whether it was for women, alcohol, drugs, possessions, or power. In Christ I have learned that only perfect righteousness is acceptable. I have spoiled my life with wasting and excess. My only hope of life and salvation lies in the risen Christ who I earnestly desire to serve through repentance, now and forever, in utter subjection and perfect humiliation.

I cannot legitimately call Him, ‘Lord, Lord,’ if I do not do all He says.

A new Command I give you, That ye love one another.