"Just what do you think you are doing anyways!?" A page explaining what I'm doing and why.

Archive of many scripture songs. All my songs are taken directly from the bible and I prefer to do whole chapters. I have made numerous chapters (and a few books) of the bible into songs.  These songs will help bring the words of the bible to your remembrance in a powerful and edifying way.

I have taught the bible for nearly 20 years.  In that time I have learned and unlearned many things.  On this page you will find links to all my line-by-line bible studies

A page dedicated to the subject of Christian teachings. And an archive of my writings on a variety of topics. This page is also the gateway to the section of my website dealing with the false doctrines of the Shepherd's Chapel broadcast.

I have made a few videos and expect to make more. Some videos are music videos and others are instructional.

This page contains the history of this website and other stuff I have not yet determined.

The latest updates and biggest news are also posted on the Home page, but the news page contains minor updates and information about various projects and archives updates which you may have missed.

I still answer all email personally, to the best of my ability.  This Page is also the "about the artist" page.
April 20 2014 - John Chapter 8 audio bible study is available. I did not record any video with John 8. There is not always time every week for video recording whereas I can make time to record audio nearly every evening. That does not necessarily mean that the videos are done.  I still have plans for more videos, but I think the line by line studies demand a faster pace than I can keep with producing the videos. It is more important for me to get a large volume of work done than to produce the detailed videos at this time.

April 10, 2014
  -  Added the book of the Acts of the Apostles to the bible studies page and audio for chapter 1.  I will continue teaching John and Acts simultaneously.

April 7, 2014
  -  John Chapter 7 audio is available.  As I state on the studies page, my intention is to finish the Gospel of John as soon as possible and move on to Acts.  In order to accomplish this I'm recording raw video for John weekly and releasing the audio portions immediately.  read more...

April 3, 2014
 I have added a new page to the website: "Questions." This will replace the "history" page I never got around to making.  In order to avoid having to change every link on every page of my website, the main page is still called history.htm. I may do something related to my history, or the website's history but I'm putting that on hold, I just don't see it as very important at the moment.  Also uploaded the audio from John Chapter 6, if you look on the Studies page there is an explanation there outlining my thoughts on the future of the video studies in John.  I also made a minor update to the Contact page.  

March 14, 2014
- Added 35 Emails to my Shepherd's Chapel Page.  This means I have actually caught up on all Shepherd's Chapel email. 

I'm going to start work on a new page for the website. I'm going to replace the "History" section with a "Questions" page which makes more sense as a main page on the website.  I will probably work a history page in somewhere else.  Over the past few years with increasing traffic on this site I have gotten a good number of questions which I think would be useful to publish on a page dedicated to questions.  I love questions, truly.  Questions are what drove me into the word.  I like answering people individually. 

I spent several hours the other day  trying to figure out how to add a search function to this website.  I have not given up but it looks like it will not be as easy as I had hoped.

March 4, 2014
- Last week added video studies for John Chapter 5 - Part 4 and Part 5 to my YouTube page.  I also added a little more commentary to my corrections to On Jesus Christ and The Nature of God.  I'll probably have to do a more thorough work . Feeling much better nearly two weeks after the operation.  Hopefully this will mean less noisy sniffing in the bible studies. The nose is still sore and scabs up and bleeds inside. It can take several weeks or more before I will experience the full effects, but I can already breathe better than I can ever remember in the past.

February 19, 2014
- I posted corrections to On Jesus Christ and The Nature of God based on what God has revealed to me this very day.  Also, a few days ago I added a John 5 bible study to my YouTube page  John Chapter 5 part 3 of 7 - John 5:17-24 - My Father Worketh Hitherto and I Work I have also reorganized the John audio series and uploaded all seven audio parts of John Chapter 5.  Tomorrow I am going to have an operation to correct my deviated septum.  read more...

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