Pictures of Real Giant Skeletons?


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Attached to this email are shots of an excavation revealing full skeletons of Giants, the children of fallen Angels. One skulls looks like it could be that of Goliath where David hit him in the right temple with his sling shot. I would like your opinion on these pictures.
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Hi Name Withheld,

While I do not doubt that giants have existed on the earth, just as described in the bible.  These pictures are the product of hoaxes.  For example, I was able to find the original undoctored photo of this scene, before the hoaxer added the skull.
Now, another thing, take a good look at that skull, this skull is actually the same identical skull as in another one of those photos. I rotated the image so it would be clear that the skulls are exactly the same. Whether dirt was added in Photoshop, or was cleaned up, they are still the same skull from the same source photograph.
Through my research I have found that all these things are photographic hoaxes. Many of them are not a secret, nor were intended to deceive anyone, some of them were actually done for art contests. Many of the original hoaxers have also taken credit for their work. Having worked in computer graphics and computer special effects, I'm not impressed by any photo or video that comes in an email attachment, it is too easy to fake stuff like that these days.
If scientists really discovered giant skeletons, they would either destroy them, and cover them up (if they are the paranoid insecure type), or (more likely) they would be on every news show in the country telling everyone about their amazing discovery.  There would be books and magazine articles.  These photos have been floating around for years now.   There should have been some sort of legitimate news about it. If they wanted to cover it up, you wouldn't even see photos.

Also, when examining these photos, there is the psychological angle to consider. None of these pictures make any sense.  If you are an archaeologist, finding a giant human skeleton would be like winning the lottery.  You would get your face in there, and smile like the devil himself.  In all the pictures I've seen depicting giants,  the people in these pictures all look like, "this is all routine," "this is no big deal,"  "ho-hum, another giant" and that in itself is a major tip-off that the pictures are fake.  There is no real human reaction to the giant skeletons, they might as well be examining dead flies.  And you can bet whoever discovered these would want their faces in the picture. They would be instantly famous.  They would put on their best smile, and thumbs up. That is the missing psychological angle.  These pictures are missing the human element, the people in the pictures do not seem to see the giant skeletons.

The last place we should look for information is from these sensationalized emails that people pass around.  Some of the people that hoax these photos may be trying to make fools out of us.  Nothing makes some people giggle harder than seeing Christian people waving fake photos around and exclaiming that the photos prove the bible is true. 
Paul Stringini
Here are another hoaxed giant, I didn't have time to track down all the pictures you sent me,
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Thank you for your speedy reply to my Email. I really hate it when people do things like that. I actually believed these shots were authentic. And your right, why haven't the mainstream public heard anything about them.  Thank you for stopping me of becoming the fool, still, it hurts my heart. God be with you my friend, Name Withheld.