What Bible Version Do You Use In Your Songs?  Why do You Use the Name Yahweh in some of Your Songs?


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I was wondering what bible is used for these songs. And why they say Jahweh instead of LORD or God? Thanks. Please reply.

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The King James Version.  Sometimes I had to reword it a little.  Some of it was done a long time ago and I would do less rewording now (like the song of Moses, I don't like the rewording, I'm redoing it) 

The Yahweh thing, there is a page on the website that explains it
http://oraclesofgod.org/sacred_name.htm  I stopped writing songs that use that name a couple years ago, all the songs from about 2001 on.   I'm not likely to go back and take it out of everything.  When I perform the songs live I use "Lord" and "God" instead of Yahweh and Elohim.