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II Timothy

Line By Line Bible Instruction

1.) Click on "Play/Download Complete Chapter" to listen to the whole teaching of a single chapter in one continuous stream. 
2.) Or, Click on "Part One," "Part Two," etc. to stream or download the teaching for the chapter  in several files divided into a number of segments. 
3.) Each "Part" is approximately 8 minutes long and 1.87 megabytes in size, (the last part of a chapter sometimes being shorter). 
4.) You can determine how long a chapter is by the number of parts it has,  i.e.  5 parts = 40 minutes or less,  6 parts = 48 minutes, & etc.
5.) The "Parts" are all nicely tagged by book and chapter in a uniform system and ready for ipod
or other mp3 player.
6.) If you have trouble streaming the file, you will just have to download it (right click and "save target as")